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Bathroom Cabinetry

Bathroom cabinetry is the main source of organization for all cleaning supplies, shower products, and other relevant items. Eliminating clutter, the system effectively optimizes space and improves accessibility to commonly used assets. Offered in a wide range of designs and layouts, the cabinetry is an essential asset for an efficient bathroom. It can be modified to match the specific finish or color of other design elements, such as the furniture or hardware, in order to underline the style of the room. During renovation, it is important to update your cabinets to ensure that the room reaches its full potential.

  • The Four Levels of Cabinetry

About Kitchens offers four levels of cabinetry: Wolf, Fabuwood, Koch Cabinetry, and Mouser Premier. Each level varies in availability, versatility, and quality. Level one, Wolf Cabinetry, is the most affordable and often available in only two days. On the other hand, level two will take up to two weeks to arrive to the showroom. The second level is Fabuwood and is semi-custom wood, offered in limited colors and styles. Level three includes the semi-custom lines from Koch Cabinetry and Mouser Centra and has a four week delivery rate. The final level takes up to six weeks for delivery, but has a superior quality and appearance. Fully custom, this Mouser Premier line incorporates overlay and inset cabinetry for your bathroom.

  • Optimizing Space with Cabinetry

Cabinetry serves two chief purposes: storage and aesthetic. Organizing assets into distinct categories will decrease the build up of clutter on the floor and countertops. Additionally, this organization will cleanse the room and encourage efficiency with common bathroom tasks. Frequently used items will be easily accessed, making your daily routine less hectic and more relaxed.

Cabinetry organization also assist the room on a design basis. The aesthetic value is dependent on the bathroom’s level of organization. Even the most beautiful, luxurious bathrooms will be dulled as a product of inefficient storage. Without cabinetry in place, possessions will litter the room and distract from the carefully crafted interior design. The jumbled disarray will become an eyesore in the room.

Furthermore, the cabinetry can be modified to pair with the style of the bathroom. Available in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes, a cabinetry system doubles as a piece of decor. From inset to overlay, we have a variety of designs to suit any style. Explore your options, boost your visual appeal, and aid organization. The benefits are endless!

The bathroom renovation process prioritizes all of the details, big or small. All stages impact the final room, from deciding on the bathroom style to selecting the faucet designs. The expert team from About Kitchens is prepared to support all renovation needs. After decades of service in the Annapolis community, we have established our brand as reputable and quality-focused. Experience the About Kitchens difference, contact us today to schedule your free consultation!