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Bathroom Countertops

A key ingredient in the bathroom renovation is the countertops. Upgraded surfaces refresh the bathroom and refine the interior design. It is essential that you prioritize the material quality of your countertops in order to ensure a strong visual value. From elegant marble to decorative tile, each material has a distinct aesthetic and gives off a specific vibe.

About Kitchens has supported Anne Arundel County for decades with our expert bathroom renovation services. We understand that every detail of the project is influential and holds tremendous value. Therefore, our team operates with a strict attention to detail in all stages of the renovation. Highly trained and experienced, we demonstrate a commitment to quality results and excellent customer service in every project. Rebuild your bathroom from the ground up with us!

Popular Bathroom Countertop Materials

The countertop material sets the tone for the bathroom and boosts the style identity. There are many types of countertop materials, and we work with well-respected suppliers to give our customers the best quality items. We exclusively partner with companies that share our value on quality, ensuring reputable results for our clients.

Some examples of common bathroom countertop materials include, marble, quartz, or granite. Elegant yet affordable, marble also dominates the market as a premier countertop material. The stone adds value to your home with its natural beauty and radiant brightness. However, marble is vulnerable to staining and should be handled delicately. Avoid harmful contact with the marble, such as spills or cutting, to keep its beauty preserved. Granite is similar to marble in its appearance but finds contrast in its superior durability. It stands strong against scratches and spills, demonstrating a long life span.

No matter what design you hope to achieve, changing your bathroom countertops can help you get there. Fresh countertops revive the room, add interest to the design, and make the room feel brand new. Newly minted surfaces cleanse the room and define the style. For more information about our bathroom countertops, contact the About Kitchens team today!  About Kitchens is the best choice for all home improvement needs!