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Wet Bars

About Kitchens installs a variety of wet bar features for your home. Whether you choose to showcase impressive stemware in elegant glass cabinetry or put your collection of fine wine on display, a wet bar is the key. Perfect for entertaining, each enhancement establishes your home as the go to destination for all social events. It efficiently organizes all celebratory beverages, from fine wine to craft beer, and keeps the kitchen always prepared for a festivity. They are fully stocked with all necessary items, such as appropriate glassware, mixers, limes, or bottle openers. Wet bars will liven up the home, add character to the design and give anybody an excuse to party!

  • Wet Bar Services from About Kitchens

Our wet bar features include wine storage, glass cabinetry, under counter refrigeration, under counter ice makers, custom glasses, and floating shelves. Depending on the space available and customer preference, wet bars can be either expansive or compact. Though these features are most commonly integrated into the kitchen, wet bars can also be ideal for the basement, or spa bathrooms. They add interest to the room and enhance the experience. Enjoy the latest movies while sipping on a freshly made cocktail or give your bath a sense of luxury with a fully stocked wine bar. The possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re planning a basement renovation or kitchen remodeling, our wet bar installation services make an impact. The unique addition adds character and life to the room. It includes a sink and faucet and is tailored to your unique taste. About Kitchens has decades of experience remodeling homes in the Maryland community. We are highly skilled, trained and knowledgeable. Each member of our expert team has shared values on excellent customer service and high-quality results. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of wet bar installation!