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Bathroom Showers

No bathroom is complete without a functional shower system. Updating your bathroom shower with modern features will refresh the room, while adding value to your home. Focus on both the layout and design for best results, bringing your dream master bathroom to life. The key to successful bathroom renovation is found in the designer’s attention to detail. All aspects of the shower, from the flooring to the hardware, influence the bathroom style. Design choices must pair together cohesively and support the style of the room.

The About Kitchens team will guide you through all stages of the bathroom renovation, providing expert advice on shower design, features, and construction. Connect with our representatives to discuss the numerous shower options available to you! We have the knowledge and expertise to support a variety of projects, completing projects in record time for our clients.

  • Shower Doors

There are a variety of shower door types. Each classification caters to a specific room size and layout, as well as user preference. Specific shower doors accommodate clients with any physical disadvantages, increasing accessibility for those with disabilities. For example, elderly customers benefit from walk-in showers, and securely hinged doors for support.  

Some common shower doors include sliding doors, pivot doors, or hinged doors. If your room is more compact, consider a sliding shower door. These doors won’t bump into other features of the room, such as the sink or toilet.

  • The Shower Bench

Modern shower features transform the bathroom and improve the quality of your showering experience. Innovative shower elements can be personalized to the customer’s needs or give the shower a luxurious, spa feel. Some popular features in shower design today include shower benches.

Incorporating a shower bench into your design will improve accessibility for handicapped or elderly relatives. Additionally, shower benches provide extra storage space for cleaning products and create a place for relaxation.

  • Types of Showers

The three main types of shower systems are manual mixers, thermostatic, or electric showers. Deciding on what shower type is best for your space is dependent on your budget and personal preference. Manual mixer shower systems are regarded as the most traditional and common. These showers are easy to install and modify the water temperature with with valve controls. Thermostat showers will have a consistent temperature for each shower, set in advance with a digital panel. These are perfect for households with young children or even elderly relatives because they prevent painfully hot temperatures. The final shower type is electric, and doesn’t require a supply of hot water. Water in electric showers is heated by a local heating system.

  • Types of Showerheads

Showerheads regulate the water pressure and consistency. Some options include multi-setting shower heads, single setting shower heads, or even shower towers. While single setting shower heads prohibit any change in water pressure, multi-setting heads offer an array of options. Single setting is the most affordable option. Shower towers are perfect for spa bathroom styles, offering a luxurious and customized flow of water to the body.

For more information about our shower installation services, contact us today! Our team is highly trained and experienced. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and are committed to excellent customer service. Experience the About Kitchens difference, start your free consultation today!