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Bathroom Styles

Before the bathroom renovation can begin, the client needs to identify the specific style they want the room to achieve. Whether it be traditional or modern, selecting the bathroom style will set the renovation plan in motion and provide the framework for all design choices. The bathroom style is found in its details, from the material of countertop surfaces to the finishes of the hardware. All elements are consequential and work together to shape the design of the room. There are four key bathroom styles: traditional, contemporary, modern, and spa.

The About Kitchens team has the knowledge and expertise needed to guide our customers through the characteristics of each style. For decades, we have served the Annapolis community for all bathroom renovation needs and we operate with a strict attention to detail. Experience the About Kitchens difference, contact one of our representatives today to get started and find your bathroom style!

Four Key Bathroom Styles:

1. Traditional

2. Contemporary

3. Modern

4. Spa

  • The Traditional Bathroom Style

When creating a traditional bathroom, designers focus on the materials. Stone, slate, and granite dominate the traditional style, giving the room an elegant feel. We advise pairing decor from historical eras that are adjacent, creating a fun and subtle vision effect. Wood is the most popular material used in traditional bathrooms, especially with the furniture selections. All materials selected are either natural or appear to be natural. The traditional color scheme includes reds, blues, and greens.

  • The Contemporary Bathroom Style

Ideal for smaller bathrooms, the contemporary style is known for clean lines and a very simple design. Not extravagant, contemporary bathrooms stray away from ornate mouldings and complicated patterns. Every feature is kept simple, yet modern. For example, contemporary bathrooms tend to make use of modern materials such as plastic or laminates. However, the room is kept sleek and clean, giving it the impressive of more space.

  • The Modern Bathroom Style

Modern bathrooms commonly use contrasting color palettes or eye-catching patterns. Designers choose to strengthen the juxtaposition by incorporating both modern and natural materials. For example, wood could be paired with stainless steel hardware to boost the modern aesthetic.

Pedestal sinks have become a key ingredient to the modern bathroom. These features are often angular and made from either porcelain or stainless steel. A statement piece, this functional sink modernizes the room. It is also incredibly compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space in the bathroom.

  • The Spa Bathroom Style

Transform your bathroom into a luxury spa, without breaking the bank! Spa bathrooms significantly increase the value of your home yet can be achieved within any budget range. Characterized by sleek lines, natural materials, and open space, this bathroom style is highly sought after and aims to exude a sense of tranquility. The color scheme often incorporates neutral, earth tones that compliment the natural material use. To achieve the spa bathroom style, opt for white tile flooring or wood paneling. To take it one step further, add free-standing bathtubs or even heated floors. Spa bathroom styles are simple in design but creative in the features installed.

For more information about bathroom styles, connect with us online or by the phone! Our team is highly trained and experienced. We are committed to providing high-quality products and assistance to our clients, bringing your dream bathroom to life.