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Bathroom Hardware

Don’t overlook the importance of bathroom hardware! During renovation, most clients focus their energy and enthusiasm towards the big design decisions, such as the overall bathroom style or specific sink configuration. However, the subtle details of the room are just as important and significantly influence the design. Updated bathroom hardware will refresh the space and make the room feel brand new. Consistency in the hardware color and finish will tie together the style of the room, adding subtle definition. Renovation requires a strict attention to detail in every stage of the project, rebuilding your room from the ground up. Prioritizing the hardware details will yield the best final results.

The About Kitchens team has a vast and versatile collection of bathroom hardware. Noting the significance of the details, our door knobs, cabinet pulls, and decorative handles come in several styles, colors, and finishes. We also include towel bars, wall-mounts, robe hooks, and other bathroom specific fixtures. From modern to rustic, our collection of bathroom hardware has something for every style and preference.

All hardware materials are exclusively ordered from well-respected, quality-focused manufacturers. We ensure that the companies we collaborate with share our values on reputable customer service and consistently provide high-quality products for our clients. Top Knobs, Hafele, and Richelieu are among the high-quality manufacturers that we work with to supply our renovations with the best hardware. No matter what material or finish you seek, About Kitchens has a vast collection of hardware in its arsenal to suit any style.

  • Bathroom Hardware Finishes and Designs

The importance of the bathroom hardware cannot be ignored. From the cabinet pulls to the towel racks, all fixtures support the visual appeal and efficiency of the room. All of our hardware selections can be customized to suit your established style. Some examples of bathroom hardware selections include towel bars, wall mounts, doorknobs, cabinet pulls, decorative handles, and faucets.

Each hardware selection comes in a variety of colors, designs and finishes. It is important to weigh the characteristics of each, identifying the classification that best suits your bathroom. Our bathroom designers will guide you through this complicated process, providing expert insight and knowledge. Choices can be influenced by the client’s personal preferences, or by the characteristics of the room. For example, available finishes include antique, brushed, or polish. Popular materials include brass, copper, nickel, pewter, silver or wrought iron.

Prioritize all details of your bathroom renovation with upgraded hardware selections from About Kitchens and Baths! From the towel bars to the drawer handles, all details hold tremendous weight in shaping the final design of the room. Our bathroom renovation services are inclusive, incorporating everything from bathroom faucets to the shower design. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of bathroom hardware!