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Kitchen Countertops

The material and finish of your kitchen countertops significantly influences the overall aesthetic of the room. Whether you opt for timeless granite or low maintenance Caesarstone, the material selection makes a noticeable impact on the kitchen’s visual appeal and boosts the established kitchen style. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each material and consider how it will complement the room.

  • Granite

Granite countertops are a staple in many kitchen designs, due to its versatility and resilience. Available in a variety of color options, granite presents many benefits and pairs well with many kitchen styles. The material is incredibly durable. It prevents moisture absorption and is also resistant to heat impact.

However, these benefits make granite a highly expensive material to install. Though granite is heat resistant and very strong, it is not impenetrable. It can be impacted by acidic drinks or foods, such as soft drinks, or even scratched over time.

  • Quartz

Busy kitchens are best suited for quartz countertops, due to the material’s notable resilience against stains. In comparison to granite, marble, or concrete countertops, quartz is far superior in the realm of durability. It is non-porous and combats stains from common kitchen items, such as juice, coffee, wine, and vegetable oil. Cleansing and hygienic, this material will discourage the growth of harmful bacteria or viruses.  

In contrast, quartz countertops tend to be expensive and average an approximate $115-$200 for every square foot of material. Less natural in appearance, quartz doesn’t compliment every kitchen style. The look and feel of quartz is more contemporary, catering to modern design.

  • Corian

Corian is another material for kitchen countertops. Available in several colors and patterns, the smooth surface often mimics the appearance of marble or concrete. Stains or scratches are easily removed by sanding them away, emphasizing the durability of this material. In contrast, corian is vulnerable to heat damage and presents marks quickly.

  • Cambria

Low maintenance and non-porous, countertops made from Cambria present many benefits. Cambria is highly resistant to any stains or scratches. This material looks like stone and boosts the aesthetic appeal of the room. Though Cambria is resistant to stains, it is not heatproof.

  • Caesarstone

Caesarstone is a solid surface material that blocks out liquid or air. No sealant is required for installation, due to the density of the material. Resistant to stains and scratches, Caesarstone requires low maintenance and little upkeep. Pigments can be added to the stone to modify the colors and mirror the kitchen style. Unfortunately, Caesarstone is vulnerable to heat damage and displays bruises from heat interference.

  • Silestone

Silestone is very similar to Caesarstone and Cambria. All three materials are non-porous, durable, and low maintenance, yet share a common vulnerability towards heat. No sealant is required for silestone and the color is easily modified to complement any kitchen style.

  • Marble

Marble kitchen countertops radiate elegance. The timeless material is available in several patterns and colors, perfect for enhancing any kitchen aesthetic. Smooth in texture, marble is less likely to dent and is heat-resistant.

  • Wood

Wood countertops present several benefits and pitfalls. Installation is convenient, and any modifications are made easily. Additionally, wood provides an ideal support system for delicate glassware. In contrast, wood is vulnerable to damage from burns, spills, dents or scratches. Frequent maintenance and upkeep are essential, and neglect will lead to discoloration.

Analyzing the unique characteristics of each countertop material is essential. From wood to granite, each surface presents distinct benefits and downsides. About Kitchens provides expert guidance through this decision, helping our customers choose the kitchen countertop design that best suits their space. From Annapolis to Stevensville to Gibson Island and surrounding areas in Anne Arundel County, contact us today for more information about our kitchen countertop services!