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In our digital age, remote work has become increasingly popular due to the wide reach of modern technology. Many careers are shifting from traditional office workplaces to more flexible remote options. The traditional office is not obsolete, but we have noticed a significant shift towards more frequent work from home. Similarly, students are no longer confined to the library or classroom to further their education. Limitless knowledge is only one click away and students can easily access online learning resources from the comfort of their homes. Similarly, several university level courses have become available online, perfect for students with compact schedules. All these changes are in response to the rise of technology and the power of the internet.

Consequently, these changes have caused the home office to grow in importance. The increased time spent working or studying at home gives this office newfound purpose and more use. An effective home office is superbly organized, well lit, comfortable, and stocked with the necessary supplies. Cluttered and dim home offices hinder productivity.

Each home office is unique to the individual using it and the distinct purpose it serves. For example, an office with wall-to-wall shelving would be perfect for housing a surplus of college text books. An elementary school teacher would need a home office for grading papers, but also enough open space for creating art projects and setting up classroom displays. The specific features needed for each home office are dependent on the room’s specific purpose.

The About Kitchens team provides expert home office renovation services for our customers, aiming to revive the room and help it reach its full potential. We tailor our services to accommodate each client, constructing features that aid the room’s unique purpose. From credenzas to file cabinets, our experienced team has the skills needed to install a variety of features. Our services include expertly crafted bookshelves, file cabinets, custom exotic woods, open shelving, credenzas, and custom desks.

There are several trends in home office design, such as accent walls or contemporary desks. Accentuating one of the walls with a dark color adds depth to the room, giving it the illusion of more space. This technique is further amplified if the accompanying walls are painted in a contrasting, light color like white. Often, the accent wall is used as an extensive shelving and cabinetry system, taking up the entire wall from ceiling to floor. Showcase prized possessions or important artifacts upon the shelves to make use of this effect. The accent wall technique is most commonly used to add depth to narrow spaces. Simple changes to the room design can completely transform the room. If a room is lacking natural light, adding a multitude of lighting fixtures will create layers of light. Illuminating the space with light aids the functionality and comfort of the space.

Whether you choose to enhance your current office or renovate an unused room into an office space, we are the trusted resource for all home improvement services. From custom cabinetry to file cabinets, our team has the skills and resources needed to revamp you home. Contact About Kitchens today to learn more about the benefits of a home office!