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Kitchen Renovation Process

Each stage in the kitchen renovation process holds significant weight in shaping the finished product. Looking for a contemporary, rustic, traditional kitchen or a kitchen remodel with a waterfront view, the team at About Kitchens uses our expertise and knowledge to guide our customers through the complexities of kitchen remodeling, focusing on ten detailed steps. From the initial consultation to the pre-construction walkthrough, the client’s involvement with each stage helps establish the design goals and ensure customer satisfaction. Following these ten steps will put you on the path towards your dream kitchen.

The 10 Stages of Kitchen Renovation:

1. Consultation

2. Scope of Work

3. Preliminary Drawings

4. Selections and Final Details

5. Estimate Review

6. Contract Review

7. Order Materials and Quality Assurance

8. Pre-Construction Walkthrough

9. Job Start

10. Job Completion and Warranty

Take the first step towards your new kitchen remodel by contacting the experts at About Kitchens! We have the skills and experience to support all kitchen renovations and look forward to assisting you in your project. Contact us today to get started or explore our website for more information about us!

  • Consultation

The first stage in the kitchen renovation process is the consultation. Whether you choose to come to our showroom or participate in a phone call with one of our representatives, we will work with you and your schedule. Completely free of charge and conducted at the client’s convenience, our consultation is vital because it establishes the project plan and lays out the design goals. Additionally, this initial meeting defines the customer’s point of contact for all project inquiries. Our team will provide expert guidance on all elements of the kitchen renovation process and bring your vision to life.

  • Scope of Work

About Kitchens stays abreast with all industry advancements and innovative technologies. Three dimensional mockups transform the kitchen renovation experience, providing our customers with realistic representations of the final room. During the “scope of work” phase, we use our 2020-Design system to generate these 3-D models, in addition to creating project outlines and estimating the anticipated total cost. This is the second stage of the renovation process and takes place in the About Kitchens showroom.

  • Preliminary Drawings

During the second meeting, our custom kitchen designers work with you to draw the layout of your ideal kitchen. These preliminary drawings define the floor plan, elevations and perspectives of the room. Customers are given the opportunity to shape and perfect their vision of the remodeled kitchen, collaborating with experienced designers to make the best of their space. The expertise and insight presented by the kitchen designers have both proven to be an incredibly helpful resource for our clients. Establishing the set design plan with preliminary drawings of the kitchen is essential and prevents mistakes during construction.

  • Selections and Final Details

All details of the renovation must fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. From the lighting fixtures to the color selections, each item is impactful and important. The complete estimated cost is directly influenced by all design features and materials selected by the customer. Each design element caters to a specific style and supports the visual appeal of the kitchen renovation. During this stage, our team will work with you to analyze and compare a variety of lighting, cabinetry, color, and hardware choices. In tune with the design of your future kitchen, these selections will be finalized and the totals will be used to calculate the price estimate.

  • Estimate Review

After finalizing all project details, the cost estimate will be provided. This estimate is based upon each detail of the renovation, from the countertop material to the hardware installation. We value transparent communication with our customers and use the estimate to provide a clear outline of the total price. To prevent future miscommunication or errors, this outline is reviewed by the customer before construction starts.

  • Contract Review

A fully comprehensive contract is written up that lays out all design features, layouts and associated prices. One of our representatives will work with the customer to review the contract in depth and ensure a shared understanding on all project elements. All renovation elements and items require the customer’s approval. Signing the contract will confirm the customer’s approval and allow the renovation to begin!

  • Order Materials and Quality Assurance

The approved contract marks the end of the planning process and brings the client one step closer to construction. However, before we can break ground on your new kitchen, we must first acquire the specific items outlined in your contract and confirm the quality of these materials. We connect with well-respected companies to supply our customers with top-notch, quality materials for the kitchen renovation. It is important that these companies share our values. Our team exclusively works with suppliers who have consistent high-quality products and excellent customer service.

  • Pre-Construction Walkthrough

On the eve of the renovation, there will be one last project review. The pre-construction walkthrough reaffirms customer approval with the design and ensures that all dimensions are correct.

  • Job Start

Preparations are completed, materials are ordered, and it’s time to set the plan in motion! All kitchen cabinets must be emptied prior to construction in order to give the team a blank slate. The construction typically begins in the early morning and we are responsive to all questions throughout the day. Contact us by phone or email for all inquiries during the renovation.

  • Job Completion and Warranty

In an approximate 3 weeks,  your dream kitchen will be complete! Should load bearing walls need to be removed or changed out and extensive drywall work done, the time frame would be extended. Enjoy your newly renovated space, completely customized to your specifications. If any issues arise, our team is available to answer any questions and work towards a solution. We stand by the quality of our services and offer a warranty on all projects.

Contact us at About Kitchens and Baths today to start your journey towards your dream kitchen! Our team values excellent customer service and stands by the quality of our work. Experts in the field, we have the knowledge and experience needed to answer all inquiries. Whether you seek more information about the different bathroom styles or wish to compare kitchen countertop designs, About Kitchens is here to help! Email us at or call us today at 410-573-0877 to get started enjoying your new kitchen!