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Laundry Rooms

Laundry is an essential household task. An inefficiently designed laundry room could spark daily frustration. Narrow, inconveniently located laundry rooms limit access to the machinery and create a stressful environment for household chores. Ineffective storage allows dirty items to litter the narrow walkway, creating an unpleasant eyesore in your home. Laundry rooms need to have a successful organization system and a spacious layout. The washers and dryers should be placed in an area that is easily accessed for emptying and loading clothing. If your laundry room is poorly designed, renovation could be the key solution.

Optimizing your space with renovation services from About Kitchens will enhance productivity within the home and boost the aesthetic appeal of the room. Our renovation services are top-notch, detail-oriented, and only use high-quality materials. The About Kitchens team has decades of experience in the home improvement industry and a proven track record of success. Each renovation project is tailored to the specifications set in place by the customer, and we honor the client’s unique vision from start to finish.

  • Optimizing your Laundry Room Space

The most influential factor in laundry room renovation is the amount of usable space. Smaller rooms face much more difficult obstacles, quickly becoming overly crowded and disorganized. Setting in place an effective system of organization will maximize your space and enhance the room’s functionality.

Installing hanging storage and cabinetry on the walls will open up the floor space. These features make a significant impact and successfully optimize the space. Similarly, linen closets aid the room’s organization, providing a space for both clothing and a collection of cleaning products such as detergent.

During renovation, consider your room layout and the placement of appliances within the room. Both of these factors influence the room’s spaciousness. We install utility sinks in your laundry room, located near the appliances for convenience. Pedestals are also popular additions to laundry rooms.

  • The Importance of Moisture Friendly Product Use

Due to the nature of the room, it is important that all products are moisture friendly. Laundry rooms are designed for cleaning, steaming, and drying clothing. Due to this purpose, the room becomes humid incredibly quickly. If the products and appliances are not compatible with moisture, they could become easily damaged.

For more information about our laundry room design and installation services, contact our expert team today! Our commitment to excellence is shown in our superb customer service and consistent high-quality results. Experience the About Kitchens difference, get started with your project today!