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Bathroom Faucets & Sinks

The About Kitchens team stresses the importance of upgrading bathroom features and hardware during renovation. Among these key bathroom elements, the faucets and sinks are incredibly important. Both influence the design of the room, speaking to a specific bathroom style. Whether the bathroom style is traditional or modern, the design of the faucets and sinks must mirror that theme and add character to the room.

  • Top Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom faucets are available in a wide range of styles, finishes and materials. Popular faucets designs include two handle faucets, automatic faucets, dual lever faucets or waterfall faucets. Each is unique but can be adapted to pair with several bathroom styles. The single handle faucet is perfect for bathrooms with minimalist designs. It’s simple structure is easy to use and install. The two handle faucet monitors water temperature with two handles, one for cold water and one for hot water. This design is assembled with ease, requiring three holes for installation. Touch-free, automatic faucets administer water when motion is detected. However, these faucets do not allow the user to regulate the water temperature, only releasing a pre-established water temperature. Automatic faucets are more often used in commercial settings, such as restaurants, offices or stores.

Modernized faucet designs transform your bathroom and serve as a statement piece of decor. For example, many customers opt for wall-mounted faucets with dual levers for spa inspired bathrooms. This intricate faucet system stands out and adds interest to the room. Similarly, waterfall faucets take on interesting shapes and uphold a modern style.

No matter what faucet design you prefer, our team has the skills needed to install and maintain all varieties.

  • Trends in Bathroom Sink Design

From console to pedestal, bathroom sinks come in many different variations. Stylish and functional, each design is unique and serves as key a piece of the room. For example, console sinks take the form of a delicately designed table. The table legs are thin, giving the structure a sense of lightness. Console sinks take of little space in the bathroom, perfect for smaller bathrooms. Similarly, wall-mounted sinks are popular options that take up zero floor space. These sinks are easy to clean and have a seamless architecture. Pedestal sinks are perched on one freestanding leg.

If you are seeking to give the room a more contemporary design, vessel sinks could be the key. With vessel sinks, water pours from the faucet into a stylish bowl-shaped device. The unique appearance is eye-catching and boosts the visual appeal of the room. For increased bathroom storage, vanity sinks are the best option. Vanity sinks are built into the cabinetry, providing ample storage for all bathroom necessities.

From the bathroom countertops to the showers, all features work together to mold the design and polish the room. The faucets and sinks come in many varieties, completing the room both stylistically and functionally. About Kitchens draws on years of experience in the industry to bring you the best possible products for your bathroom renovation. We exclusively collaborate with reputable, well-respected businesses that share our values on quality and excellent customer service. For more information about the benefits of the renovation and our bathroom products, contact us today!