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Bathroom Renovation Process

Transforming your bathroom is no easy feat. Complex and collaborative, the bathroom renovation process includes ten distinct steps. The About Kitchens team works with the client to map out the renovation details and establish the project goals. Drawing on decades of experience, we offer valued guidance and insight to our clients in every stage of the renovation. From the first meeting to the contract review, each step shapes the final product and brings the client closer to their dream bathroom design.

The 10 Stages of Bathroom Renovation:

1. Consultation

2. Scope of Work

3. Preliminary Drawings

4. Selections and Final Details

5. Estimate Review

6. Contract Review

7. Order Materials and Quality Assurance

8. Pre-Construction Walkthrough

9. Job Start

10. Job Completion and Warranty

Experience the About Kitchens difference in quality, reliability and promptness. Our team is hands on and actively involved in every stage of the project timeline. If you have any questions during the renovation process, we are happy to assist all inquiries. The client’s understanding and involvement are key, ensuring consistent transparency in communication.

  • Consultation

The consultation stage is the client’s first meeting with the About Kitchens team. Completely free of charge and adapted to your schedule, there’s nothing to lose and zero commitment. Come visit us at the About Kitchens showroom for an in-person discussion about your bath goals. If a face-to-face meeting lacks convenience, opt for an engaging phone call with one of our representations instead! The consultation stage can be scheduled to suit your agenda.

Setting the plan into motion, this introduction establishes their main point of contact, answers any inquiries, and defines the goals of the bathroom renovation. The meeting focuses on the client and their unique vision, giving our bathroom designers essential inspiration for the first drafts.

  • Scope of Work

In the second stage, the team meets with the client in the About Kitchens showroom to review models of the future bathroom. The designers use the information gleaned from the consultation to bring the client’s vision to life with innovative technology. We use our 2020-Design system to create three dimensional models of the final bathroom. These realistic representations transform the bathroom remodeling experience and help avoid mistakes during construction. Additionally, the client is presented with project outlines and estimates of the total cost.

  • Preliminary Drawings

The preliminary drawings provide an initial outline of the renovation and a visual representation of the design goals. Our custom bathroom designers use these drawings to depict and define three elements of the room: the floor plan, the perspectives, and the elevations. The client collaborates with the designer to modify the design to their liking. It is important that the plan is extensively edited and reviewed prior to construction.

  • Selections and Final Details

All bathrooms gain their style identity from the unique combination of elements in the room. No matter how small, each detail is impactful and meticulously selected by the designer. Every design decision contributes to the bathroom style. From subtle details like bathroom hardware to eye-catching tile flooring, the details shape the room.  

During this stage, the client will choose the specific lighting fixtures, cabinetry layouts and materials, hardware designs and finishes, and colors schemes for the bathroom. Our team will assist the decision-making process and offer valuable insight. These selections will impact the price estimate in the next stage.

  • Estimate Review

Clients will receive a conclusive price estimate for the entire renovation. This cost is based on each design selection, from the hardware finishes to the countertop material.

  • Contract Review

We will review the contract with our clients, answer any remaining questions, and confirm all design elements one last time. When the client approves the contract with their signature, construction can begin. This stage is important because it confirms the client’s understanding of the price, design outline and vision. Making changes after this stage will be costly and inconvenient.

  • Order Materials and Quality Assurance

Our team is committed to providing top-notch customer service and premiere quality products to our customers. We only order materials from suppliers that share these values, ensuring that we give our customers the best possible quality.

  • Pre-Construction Walkthrough

One final walkthrough gives the client the opportunity to express any thoughts or concerns prior to construction. Thoroughly reviewing all past stages of the project ensures customer satisfaction with the final product.

  • Job Start

Finally, the moment you’ve been dreaming about is here! Renovation kicks off first thing in the morning, bringing you one step closer to your new bathroom. We request that you clear all possessions out of the room prior to construction. If you have any questions during the renovation process, we are incredibly responsive and attentive to your needs. Reach out to use by phone or email for all inquiries.

  • Job Completion and Warranty

After an estimated three weeks and two days, the bathroom renovation will be completed! The thorough evaluations conducted should ensure that every element is constructed to your specifications. For further questions, contact the About Kitchens team. All projects have a warranty and we are dedicated to quality results.

Contact us at About Kitchens and Baths to learn more about our bathroom renovation services. We support all bathroom styles and offer numerous products, such as bidets and steam showers. Our prompt project timeline sets us apart from competitors, bringing your vision to life in an estimated three weeks and two days. Connect with the trusted specialists in the Annapolis and Anne Arundel community.