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Kitchen Styles

An essential step in the kitchen remodeling process is establishing the design goals. The kitchen style is achieved through the combination of all design features, from the cabinetry material to the room layout. All aspects of the kitchen are significant and influence the overall theme of the room.

There are four main kitchen styles: traditional, contemporary, transitional, and rustic. Each style is characterized by distinct décor, hardware use, and room layouts.  It is important to carefully craft your new kitchen using design elements that cater to the kitchen style you hope to achieve. For example, full overlay cabinets are characteristic of the contemporary kitchen style while antique accessories point to the rustic style.

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  • Traditional Kitchen Design

Elegant yet comfortable, the traditional style is widely used in kitchen design. This popular style prioritizes comfort with plush furniture sets and uses warm, vibrant colors to create an inviting tone. The décor incorporates pieces that are both old and new, adding character to the room. For example, old furniture is often used in juxtaposition with updated hardware. Symmetrical lines are consistent throughout the design and the layout is not overly decorative. In the traditional kitchen design, less is more and the room retains its sleek elegance through its simplistic design.

  • Contemporary Kitchen Design

Kitchens in the contemporary style incorporate six specific design features: full overlay cabinetry, natural elements, horizontal lines, simple hardware, geometric shapes, and commercial appliances. Each design element defines the room and shapes its style. The door frames and hinges on the cabinetry are barely visible with the full overlay style. This gives the kitchen cabinetry layout a seamless appearance. Slab front and shaker-style are the two most popular door styles in the contemporary kitchen design.

Horizontal lines dominate contemporary design, as shown in the layouts of the cabinetry, counters, flooring, and backsplashes. Accent pieces in the room, such as statement décor or lighting fixtures, take the form of geometric shapes. These forms include circles, rectangles, diamonds, and curves.

Natural elements are key to contemporary design and often incorporated into the kitchen surfaces, cabinetry and even lighting. These natural materials include glass, wood and stone, and give the room character.

Our team of contemporary kitchen designers will use these six key features to revive your kitchen style and boost the visual value of the room.

  • Transitional Design

The defining feature of the transitional style is the unique combination of natural and man-made materials. Harmoniously mixing diverse materials gives the room a unique texture and boosts the aesthetic appeal. Materials such as steel, marble, wood, and stone will be blended together seamlessly, and the irregularity of this union defines the room’s style.

  • Rustic Kitchen Design

Rustic kitchen designers choose to adorn the room with an assortment of worn and antiquated accessories. Similarly, the materials used to construct the furniture are natural or recycled, such as reclaimed wood or vintage glass. A subdued, neutral color palette is central to the design, and natural wood tones are very popular. Many rustic kitchens mirror the aesthetic of a log cabin due to the focus on wood materials and color choices.

About Kitchens and Baths is the top choice for kitchen and bathroom renovation services in the Annapolis community and beyond. From kitchen hardware installation to bath remodeling, our team is equipped to handle all projects. Contact us today to experience the About Kitchens difference and get started on your next project!