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Design Trends: How to Incorporate the Color Brown into Your Home

Design Trends: How to Use the Color Brown About Kitchens and Baths

Design trends come and go, but incorporating the color brown into your home is a timeless idea

Design trends come and go, but incorporating the color brown into your home is a timeless idea. Earthy colors like brown remind you to slow down, meditate, and be one with nature. You can use this hue for an accent wall, as you see in the picture to the right, or you can find subtler ways to use this color in your home. Today we’re going to give you a few ideas for designing your home with beautiful brown shades. 

Use Brown to Accentuate Tone Down Other Shades

If you want your home full of orange or green colors, adding brown to the mix can highlight bolder colors or make them appear more subtle. You can’t go wrong with adding a rich brown to your home. You can choose it as the color for your sofa or even incorporate this color into your entertainment center. Woodgrain television stands have always been popular. 

Pair Brown with Neutrals

If you’re not a fan of color and would prefer a more classic approach to taking on design trends, you can pair this color with creamy white walls. Opt for brown furniture or even bronze mouldings to complement cream walls. 

Flooring and Cabinetry

Brown cabinetry and flooring automatically warm up your kitchen. Both light and dark hardwood flooring add value to a home, but if you want your home to appear cozier, darker options achieve precisely that. If your kitchen cabinets and flooring need a transformation, we have you covered. 

Other Various Design Trends

If brown seems too deep or rich in color for you, you can always opt for softer neutrals. Beige, flax, and linen all help to create a warm, inviting kitchen. If you appreciate color but believe oranges and greens are too stark, pairing brown and blue together is an excellent alternative. This combination is beautiful because it represents the sky and the earth meeting. If you want to soften up dark brown accents, you can also add light purple colors. Are you trying to remodel your little girl’s room? Think pink and brown. You can take this idea a further step by incorporating cherry blossom design schemes into the bedroom. 


Are you ready to incorporate brown into your home? Maybe you have other design trends in mind? Whatever suits your fancy, About Kitchens and Baths can put you one step closer to having your dream home. 


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