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Different Bathroom Styles That May Suit Your Fancy

Bathroom Styles About Kitchens and Baths

Many bathroom styles exist! Does this one suit your fancy?

Today we’re discussing bathroom styles! Each homeowner is different, so it matters that your bathroom speaks to your unique personality. Think of a bathroom as more than a place to shower, bathe, wash your hair, and brush your teeth. When designed well, a bathroom serves as a space where you can relax and free your mind from the world’s troubles. Here are some different bathroom styles that may suit your fancy. 


This style tends to be minimalistic. It involves clean lines and an open space layout. You may see polished hardwood, metal accents, and a neutral color palette in this type of bathroom style. You may also see contrary yet complementary light and dark elements that make the bathroom appear larger. Simplicity is the name of this design game.


This style tends to include a lot of different elements. You can expect the unexpected in this type of bathroom and many textures, materials, and finishes. Eclectic bathrooms are also synonymous with pops of color


Modern bathroom styles differ from contemporary bathrooms because they’re slightly bolder. This design style may suit your fancy if you’re a fan of bold and strong, yet simple and clean lines. In this bathroom style, you often see a lot of stone, teak, and porcelain elements. You may also see small pops of color, unlike the bold pops of color synonymous with the eclectic bathroom style. 


This type of style is all about functionality and practicality. The colors are classic and neutral, the wood is polished, and there tends to be a mixture of glass, tile, or even elegant marble.


An Asian-inspired bathroom is another minimalistic option. It involves an open layout and a lot of greenery with soft bursts of color. Commonly, shades associated with an Asian-styled bathroom include beiges, creams, and browns. This bathroom style also has fantastic lighting and can consist of polished wood flooring. 


Beach bathroom styles are reminiscent of the ocean. The ambiance is tranquil, and there are many cooler shades of blue, from sky blue to turquoise, and many hues in between. The decorative elements, of course, involve seashells and ocean-themed art and crisp white accents, and sometimes subtle green shades. 


If you adore wood elements, a Craftsman-style bathroom is a way to go. Craftsman-style bathrooms include wooden period pieces and cabinetry that has intricate details and craftsmanship. Granite, glass, and metal accents can help bring this design to life. 

Let us know what bathroom style suits your fancy! This content only covers the surface of the many bathroom styles that exist. About Kitchens and Baths offers our customers endless options! 


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