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Home Office Design: Multi-Purpose Spaces

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A home office space does not need to have it’s own room to be functional. Home offices can share space with guest bedrooms, mudrooms, and even kitchens or dining rooms.

Working from home has gained popularity over the last few years, and it seems as though this trendy practice is anything but a flash in the pan. Having a home office has become the new standard. For some homeowners, though, there simply isn’t enough free space available to dedicate solely to a home office. Hybrid rooms are an effective solution; home offices can share space with guest bedrooms, mudrooms, and even kitchens or dining rooms. If your home office will be serving double duty, consider these home office design tips for multi-purpose spaces.

Efficient Home Office Design is Crucial for Shared Spaces

If you’re trying to create a functional home office that can also be used for other purposes, efficient design is key. Taking advantage of every square foot is a must, which is why many shared office spaces include floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, efficient storage, and features and furniture that work well together. Consider how your home office will fit in with the flow of your home. Perhaps you will find yourself sharing the space only when guests are present, or maybe your shared office will be in the middle of your family’s daily activities. This space may be a private refuge or a public workspace, so make sure to make design choices accordingly.

Utilize Space-Saving Furniture in your home office

The best multi-purpose rooms are ones that include all necessary features in a cohesive, well-designed way. A large, ostentatious desk may not be feasible in a shared space, so a more sleek, minimalist approach may be needed. Opt for office chairs that can be stored easily beneath your desk or in a closet. Cabinet beds and fold-out couches are popular, and desks or tables with folding leaves can also help save space. Make sure to include all necessary resources like power outlets, wifi or wired internet, and sufficient lighting.

Don’t Forget to Incorporate a Clear Sense of Style

Establishing a clear sense of style can make your new home office look as though it was part of your home from the beginning. A pleasant aesthetic can also make work less of a chore. For a shared home office, make sure to give the space a defined sense of style that works with the rest of your home’s decor. Minimize clutter and avoid overly bulky artwork to make the most of tight spaces.


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