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Is It About Time to Renovate My Bathroom?

Knowing When It's Time to Renovate Your Bathroom About Kitchen and Baths

If you’re reading this content, it’s most likely time to renovate your bathroom.

If you’re reading this content, it’s most likely time to renovate your bathroom. Bathroom renovations can give your home a new lease on life! And what better company to take care of your bathroom remodeling process than About Kitchens and Baths??? A little bit of clarity can do wonders. If you’re unsure if remodeling your bathroom is in the cards for you, here are four signs that it’s about time to renovate your bathroom. 

You Dislike Your Decor

There could be many reasons why you dislike your décor. Maybe it’s outdated, or perhaps when you first moved into your home, you couldn’t afford all of the embellishments that you desired. If it’s finally in your budget to take your bathroom to the next level, then you should. 

Bathrooms serve as havens where you can soak away any stress. If the color scheme in your bathroom doesn’t make you feel tranquil and at peace, consider changing things around. Then, give us a call.

It’s Time to Renovate If There Are Leaks, Smells, and Damage

This reason makes a bathroom renovation even more pertinent than the first. Of course, your bathroom should be stylish, but more importantly, it should be highly functional. A mildew smell, leaks, or any unsightly damage present in your bathroom is more than enough reason to reach out to our design professionals. Remember that mildew can cause health problems. 

Inadequate Lighting

Improper lighting takes away from a bathroom’s aesthetics. Overly-bright lights can leave you feeling disoriented, but inadequate lighting doesn’t highlight your bathroom’s best features. Plus, it’s a safety hazard.

There is Not Enough Space

If what’s supposed to be your oasis feels restricted, we can remodel your bathroom in a way that opens up space. Not having enough space also refers to insufficient storage, which can also contribute to a cramped and cluttered environment. If you can’t comfortably go through your morning and nighttime routine, then why haven’t you made the call to About Kitchens and Baths yet?

If you need more information on bathroom renovations, give us a call today!


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