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Planning a Bonus Room in Your Home

Cutaway House with Highly Detailed Rooms

If you’re thinking of planning out a bonus for your home or you’ve recently purchased a home with a bonus room, you’re going to want About Kitchens and Baths by your side.

If you’re thinking of planning out a bonus for your home or you’ve recently purchased a home with a bonus room, you’re going to want About Kitchens and Baths by your side. About Kitchens and Baths provides design services in addition to remodeling services to clients located throughout Maryland. For any homeowner, a bonus room is a clean slate where you can bring your favorite design ideas to life in addition to creating a room that’s entirely your own. While bathrooms and laundry rooms are typically already penned out within a home, a bonus room can serve a variety of purposes to meet your family’s needs. Or, it can be a room for your pure enjoyment! If you’re looking for a few ideas to plan out your bonus room, read on to get started.

bonus room Ideas: Make a New Laundry Room

If you aren’t happy with your current laundry room, consider changing your extra room into your new laundry room! With a space like this, it’s also important to consider if you’d be able to hook up a washer and dryer within your bonus room. About Kitchens and Baths can perform an on-site evaluation to determine whether your bonus room can be used as a brand new laundry room that you’ve designed from scratch. 

Plan Out Your New Entertainment Room

Did you know that About Kitchens and Baths can help you plan out and design your new entertainment room? Deciding to change your bonus room into a family entertainment room can help increase the enjoyment you get from your home, add entertainment value to your home, and add extra space for your family members to lounge while catching up on their favorite television shows. 

Create an At-Home Gym

Whether you’re looking for space to store the latest trendy at-home exercise bike or just want to set up your own weight room, an at-home gym is a perfect way to utilize a bonus room. You can plan out custom cabinetry to store various exercise equipment, implement a wall-to-wall mirror, and even select your choice in flooring for the most low-impact workout on your feet. Ready to start planning out your bonus room? Contact About Kitchens and Baths today!


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