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3 Design Ideas for Your Glass Kitchen Cabinets

about kitchens and baths glass kitchen cabinets

Glass kitchen cabinets can add unique style and versatility to your home.

Glass kitchen cabinets can be a wonderful stylistic touch that allows you to not only safely store your glassware and cookware but to show them off too. When you decide to install glass cabinets, you have even more decisions to make about their style. For example, what glassware do you want to show in the cabinets? Do you want glazed or decorative glass? When installing new kitchen cabinets with About Kitchens & More, consider the following design ideas for your new, stylish glass kitchen cabinets. 

Part-Glazed Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to keep your glass cabinets as a focal point for your kitchen but want some degree of privacy, semi-glazed units may be best. These units consist of cabinets in which only part of the unit has transparent glass doors. For instance, the upper-level cabinets at eye level may have glass doors so you can show off your fine glassware or fine china. Then, the cabinets that are placed below and are more discrete may have traditional doors. You can then place bulkier or less orderly dish sets in these cabinets without distracting from your overall kitchen design. 

Glass Cabinet Glazing Options 

It is not only important to consider where you choose to position the glass cabinets in your kitchen, but it is also worth considering what type of glass fits your aesthetic best. For example, you may install fluted decorative glass to maximize the amount of light and provide a bit of privacy, as the fluted glass slightly blurs the view of images inside the glass. You may also install modern wired glass that creates a more urban and industrial edge to your kitchen design.

Add Variety to Your Kitchen Design 

In large and small kitchens alike, glass kitchen cabinets help break up your walls of cabinetry. They can also help reflect the natural daylight coming in through your windows, and in-cabinet lighting may even provide mood lighting in the evening. Selecting which cabinets have glass doors can help you decide which glassware to feature inside your cabinets. You can install a combination of unique glass cabinets with your favorite dishware to create a style and kitchen design all your own. 


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