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Where Should You Place Your Kitchen Lighting?

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Where should you place kitchen lighting? Adding lights above your island is one of our golden rules.

Lighting is essential when creating any relaxing space. If you want to make your home kitchen a place to relax, enjoy a meal, prepare your meals in peace, and spend family time together, it’s important to create a space you love. When designing your kitchen lighting and selecting placement, there are seven golden rules we like to follow at About Kitchens & More. Before deciding where to place your kitchen lighting, remember the following tips.

Always Place Kitchen Lighting 12 Inches in Front of Tall Elevations 

This ensures that you will have adequate lighting inside your cabinets while highlighting kitchen materials like wood. What are tall elevations? Items like your fridge or a tall panty would count as these high elevations. If the lights are too close to them, light may be blocked by these tall items. 

Don’t Forget Lights Under the Cabinets!

Adding under-cabinet lighting is extremely useful for providing more visibility for your countertop workspaces. This can be as simple as adding LED light strips for extra illumination. Adding different levels of kitchen lighting beyond overhead lighting can help provide flexibility when creating your kitchen atmosphere. 

Always Install Lighting in the Center of the Kitchen Island

If you install a kitchen island – and many homeowners do, as they offer numerous benefits – you want to also add lighting above the kitchen island. When you place your kitchen lighting above the island, you ensure maximum visibility for this busy kitchen area where you can cook, eat, and socialize. Consider installing one central light, with two lights placed on either side. 

Watch Out for Ceiling Joists

This is one reason why working with experienced kitchen lighting professionals is essential. If you want to install recessed lighting in your kitchen ceiling, you cannot install these lights on joists. You must know your ceiling well before planning your overhead kitchen lighting design. 

Multiply Your Light Sources

There are four types of kitchen lighting you should be sure to include in your home: ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting. These four light sources meet your needs and can be used in different combinations to create a soothing and inviting atmosphere. 

Direct Your Lights Towards Work Areas 

You should always place your kitchen lighting near the work areas. What are work areas? Anywhere you cook, clean, or prepare food. For example, adding lights above your kitchen island provides light for your prep/cook area. Installing an illuminated hood above your oven is also smart, and even adding LED strips to the walk-in pantry can provide convenient illumination. 


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