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How to Design a Utility Room with the Best Modern Features

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Remember these tips before you design your utility room with About Kitchens & More.

Utility rooms and laundry rooms are some of the most sought-after spaces in modern homes thanks to their versatility. While mudrooms used to be reserved for remodels or custom homes, they can be found today virtually anywhere. If you are ready to design a utility room for your home that meets all of your needs, here are some of the things that you should consider.  

What Are Your Needs?

When designing any space of your home, the most important thing to consider is what function it needs to serve. Is your utility room going to be primarily for storing seasonal things or a place where your kids will take off muddy shoes and leave their backpacks each day? Are you going to be installing a washing machine and dryer in the room to make it as functional as possible, or would it be more useful to have a chest freezer there? As you start to design a utility room, keep function at the heart of the project. 

What Is Your Style?

Every homeowner wants their house to reflect their unique design aesthetic and family, so it only makes sense that you should factor in your style when you design a utility room. Think about the location of the utility room in your home. Will it have a separate door closing it off or be more of an alcove near the kitchen? Many homeowners choose to use the mudroom or utility area as an extension of the rooms closest to it and coordinate the design elements and paint colors. 

How Much Storage Do You Need?

Even if storage isn’t the sole reason that you are building a utility room, you’ll want to have some. As you design a utility room at your home, consider what type of storage works best for your family. Would a closet give you space to stash your things out of sight, or would traditional shelving mounted to the wall be a better fit for your needs? We can help walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

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