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What to Add During a Laundry Room Remodeling Project

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Add these elements to your excellent new laundry room.

While the laundry room is certainly not a place where most of us want to spend a lot of time in, remodeling it can help make the time you do spend in it more enjoyable. The end goal of a new laundry room remodeling project should be to increase utility and make the process of doing laundry quicker. That way, you can get back to spending time with your family or working on other tasks around the house that need doing! If you’ve been considering remodeling your laundry room, but aren’t sure where to start, here are some ideas on what to add to your space.

Folding Table

Where do you usually fold your clean laundry after it is done drying? For many, the answer is the sofa in the living room or on your bed. This isn’t a very ideal situation, and it’s one that can be remedied easily with a folding table in the laundry room. You save time, clutter, and energy hauling your clean laundry out of the laundry room! If your space has some room along a wall already, it’s easy to have a folding table put in during the remodeling process. If it’s a little small, opt for a table that folds back into the wall when you don’t need it.

Storage Space

No matter what room in the house you may be talking about, there’s no such thing as too much storage space. It’s no different in the laundry room – you can utilize storage to hold detergent and other cleaning supplies, provide an area for hanging clothes, and even have a dedicated space to hide away dirty laundry bins.

New Lights

Great lighting enhances the look and feel of a room. And while the laundry room is hardly ever a showpiece within a home, ensure that you still use good lighting fixtures within when planning a remodeling project. In a practical sense, it can help you see stains that need to be pretreated more easily. In an emotional sense, good lighting can help raise your mood when in the room and make laundry day a little more enjoyable.


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