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How to Create the Master Bathroom of Your Dreams

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Consider these factors to create your dream master bathroom design.

The master bathroom is considered one of the key rooms of any home. Design success here hinges on the creative use of space and aesthetics. The room needs to feel luxurious, but it also needs to be practical as well. The best master bathrooms almost feel like private spas – a place where you can get away without even leaving your home. No matter your design or aesthetic choices, creating the master bathroom of your dreams is within reach, so make sure you’re prepared during the planning process. Here’s how to tackle the project.

Consider Layout

There’s no one right layout for a master bathroom, and most of your design decisions are going to depend on your personal needs. How many people are going to use the space? Typically master bathrooms are only used by a max of two people, although some families share the space amongst everyone. Do you want a closet connected to the bathroom – should the closet come between the bathroom and the master bedroom? Do you need a double sink? Would you prefer a walk-in shower, or a spa-like tub? These are all layout questions that will help you sharpen your designer senses and come up with something that will fit your needs.

Consider Aesthetics

If you are remodeling an existing master bathroom, you’ll want to match up the aesthetic of the new room with the styling of your master bedroom and closet because the three are connected. If you are creating a master bathroom from the ground up, though, you’ll have a lot more latitude to choose your preferred style. Typically, designers will be very conservative when it comes to designing in the master bathroom – classic fixture colors such as silver or brass, traditional cabinetry colors, neutral tones. The contemporary style points typically come out in the textile parts of the design since these can be swapped out for the latest fashion later.


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