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Kitchen Remodeling: A Few of Many Kitchen Lighting Options

Kitchen Remodeling: A Few of Many Lighting Lighting Options

Kitchen remodeling has so many aspects to it, and you shouldn’t overlook the lighting.

Kitchen remodeling has so many aspects to it. When you remodel a kitchen, the goal is for it to look cohesive from floor to ceiling. While it’s an overlooked part of the process, kitchen lighting is relevant. What’s the point of having a gorgeous new kitchen when the lighting doesn’t show off all its features? A poorly-lit kitchen is a disservice. Plus, you want to ensure that your lighting fixtures complement the style of your kitchen. If your kitchen style is more industrial or rustic, it doesn’t make sense to have elegant chandeliers hanging overhead. As an experienced home remodeling company, it’s our job to make you aware of the many options you have to take your home to the next level. Here are a few of the many kitchen lighting options that you have. 

Recessed Lighting is a Standard Kitchen Remodeling Option

“Recessed” means that the lights are inside of a ceiling, wall, or another surface. Recessed lights are an ideal general kitchen lighting option, but they also work for over-task areas in kitchens. Recessed lights come with many trim options, with baffle trims being one of the most popular if you don’t want any glares in your kitchen. You also have to consider the different types of bulbs such as CFL, LED, and incandescent lighting. Dimmer switches help to save energy. 

Directional Recessed Kitchen Lighting

Directional recessed lighting is similar to recessed lighting. The only difference is that you can change the lights’ direction, as the name suggests. The benefit of this is that they offer the perfect task lighting. You can adjust the trims so that they highlight a work area or focal point of your kitchen. 

Ornate Pendant Lights A Perfect for an Elegant Kitchen Remodeling Project

“Pendant” lighting hangs down from the ceiling, typically with a single bulb in it, coming in sets of twos or threes. Ornate or decorative lights serve as a focal point, drawing a person’s eye into the style and color of the lighting. Pendant lights complement a kitchen island well and come in many sizes, shapes, and materials. Glass lights, like the one pictured in this content, help a kitchen glow. 

Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

If you have some fine silverware or wine glasses that you’d like to display, it helps to have overhead cabinet lights. Plus, they allow anyone with vision problems to access glassware without dropping it. Puck lights, a round, bright LED light, can mount to the inside of a glass cabinet door to illuminate the interior. If you’re thinking about the amount of heat emission in an enclosed cabinet, using a dimmer switch option is possible. 


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