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How to Design Your Waterfront Kitchen to Perfection

Waterfront Kitchen Remodeling About Kitchens and Baths

If you own a waterfront kitchen, you’re one of the lucky ones, especially now that Spring is here

If you own a waterfront kitchen, you’re one of the lucky ones, especially now that Spring is here. When you live near water, it improves your overall mood, aiding in ultimate tranquility. A waterfront property also impacts a home’s value and its design characteristics. If you aren’t in love with your waterfront kitchen, we can help you highlight its best features. Until then, here are a few valuable tips on how to design your waterfront kitchen to perfection. 

Ensure That Your Waterfront Kitchen Has a Clear View of The Water

It’s no secret that waterfront homes are more expensive than the average home. With this in mind, you should ensure that you’re getting the most out of your home. When you have many windows in your kitchen or a few large ones, you’ll have a clear view of what makes your home so unique, which is the water, of course. Who doesn’t fancy the idea of enjoying a morning tea or coffee as they catch the sunrise rising over the water? 

Embrace Coastal Colors

We recommend that you keep things light in a waterfront kitchen. Colors reminiscent of the ocean will work well. Consider colors such as turquoise or teal or another vibrant bluish-green shade. Green works, especially pastel greens and soft greys, and you can never go wrong with a neutral beige. For your cabinets and countertops, consider crisp whites. Sheer curtains are also gorgeous in a waterfront home. The point is that you want to keep things light and airy.

Your Waterfront Kitchen Will Work Well with an Open Layout

The kitchen is the focal point of all homes, especially when you own a kitchen island. It sets the stage, people cook here, and bond and so many memories come from the kitchen. For you to keep up with that light and airy feel, you’ll want your kitchen to be open and not restrictive. A 360 layout or panoramic view allows you to become one with your ocean-like environment. 

Play Up Your Waterfront Kitchen With Modern and Rustic Decor

There is nothing wrong with modernizing a home. However, most people love waterfront homes because they feel lived-in and comfortable. As you pick out decor for your kitchen, try mixing modern and rustic decor to create balance. 

If you want to upgrade your waterfront property, give us a call today! 


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