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A Few Features of a Rustic Kitchen

Rustic Kitchen Design About Kitchens and Baths

If you’re a follower of kitchen remodeling trends, you’ve probably heard of a “rustic kitchen.”

If you’re a follower of kitchen remodeling trends, you’ve probably heard of a “rustic kitchen.” A rustic kitchen design isn’t always an effortless style to execute. While rustic designs can be minimalistic, making this style still appear high-quality versus cheap can be challenging. That’s where About Kitchens and Baths can come into play. We can ensure that any kitchen design style you choose looks undeniably fabulous versus run-of-the-mill. Today we will define what a rustic design is and a few features that most rustic kitchens have. 

A Rustic Design Defined

A common misconception regarding a rustic design is that you have to live in a log cabin to consider designing your kitchen in this way. In a nutshell, rustic refers to a natural, aged, organic, or slightly distressed style. Alternative names for this style include “farmhouse,” “Tuscan,” or “coastal.” In short, rustic is the opposite of contemporary or modern styles. 

How Do You Know That You’ve Stepped Foot Into a Rustic Kitchen?

If you’ve ever walked into any kitchen where the decor didn’t feel pretentious or stuffy, it’s most likely a rustic kitchen. This kitchen design style is warm and relaxed. The color palette is calming. Natural, neutral colors are a staple of this kitchen style. Beiges, whites, browns, and grays are colors that you’ll most likely see in a rustic kitchen and warmer tones as well. If you spot bright colors in a kitchen, its style is leaning more towards contemporary. 

What are the Staple Features of Rustic Kitchens?

  1. Wood: Real wood versus wood replicas will give a rustic kitchen more of an authentic vibe. Wide-planked wooden floors, reclaimed wood farmhouse tables, and wooden kitchen island stools are defining rustic kitchens’ features.
  2. Natural or Sheenless Textures: Rustic kitchens have a lot of textural variety. Wood grains and natural stone with a honed or leathered finish are typical in rustic kitchens. If you see a lot of sheen versus a lot of grit in any kitchen you walk into, it’s leaning more towards a contemporary kitchen style.
  3. Exposed Ceiling Beams: Exposed ceiling beams are indicative of a farmhouse or coastal Tuscan-styled home. 
  4. Handmade Decor: A rustic kitchen isn’t excessively ornate. This kitchen style is simplistic. With that in mind, you can go to a local shop to search for handmade decor. You can even shop for some handmade decor in a local thrift shop and save a lot of money. Etsy is also known for unique handmade pieces. 


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