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Kitchen Remodeling: Making Your Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

Kitchen Remodeling: Making Your Small Kitchen Appear Bigger About Kitchens and Baths

When you implement the best kitchen remodeling techniques, it will help you maximize your space and enhance its functionality.

Implementing the best kitchen remodeling techniques will help you maximize your space and enhance its functionality. Do you have a space-challenged kitchen? If this is the case, you shouldn’t lose hope because you don’t have as much space as you’d like. You can do many things to make a small kitchen appear much larger than it is. When you hire About Kitchens and Baths, we have the tools and expertise to make any size home stunning. Until then, here are a few valuable kitchen remodeling tips. 

Keep Things Light

By this, we mean that you don’t want to use a lot of dark colors in a small kitchen, nor do you want the kitchen to be dark in general. Remodel this space with light, airy colors and let in plenty of light to add the feeling of space. 

Consider Shrinking Your Sink in Your Kitchen Remodeling Efforts

A massive sink and countertop option may work well in a large kitchen, but it can overwhelm a smaller space. It helps if you sequester your kitchen sink and free up the surrounding areas to aid in food preparation. The more functional space a countertop has, the better. 

Do Away with Traditional Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen islands have become a kitchen staple throughout the years. They work well in open floor layouts, which some small kitchens lack. When you remodel a smaller kitchen, you want to think outside of the norm. Go for freestanding accessories and a small kitchen table, and refrain from using weighty cabinetry. 

Never Take Backsplashes for Granted

You don’t want to waste any crevices in a smaller space. With that in mind, if you have the opportunity to add a backsplash, we highly recommend it. Adorn all of the areas in your kitchen and benefit from a cost-effective enhancement. Because a small kitchen doesn’t have a lot of square footage, it means you don’t have to break the bank to use limestone, glass mosaic, or other decorative backsplash options. 

Use Large, Lightly-Colored Tile Flooring

Here we’re revisiting the concept of “keeping things light.” Large, light tile floors create an optical illusion. This technique will make even the most restrictive kitchen seem spacious. Think about it. The fewer grout lines, the airer a kitchen feels. 

Use a Slim Fridge

Most homeowners appreciate a large refrigerator, but this concept doesn’t work in a small kitchen. Try going for a slim fridge with a bottom freezer instead of going for a fridge with french doors to maximize space. 

If you’re ready to see your kitchen remodeling visions come to life, give About Kitchens and Baths a call today! 


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