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A Spa-Like Bathroom Transformation: How To

Spa-Like Bathroom Transformation Tips About Kitchens & Baths

Any bathroom transformation should be rejuvenating.

Any bathroom transformation should be rejuvenating. What more satisfying way to rejuvenate your spirits than by owning a spa-like bathroom? What people consider to be peaceful and relaxing is subjective. Nonetheless, we’re sure that this content will inspire you to think about adding more tranquility to your bathroom. If the place where you’re supposed to be able to soak the day’s stressors away isn’t soothing enough, we can help you in that effort. In the meantime, here is how to execute a spa-like bathroom transformation. 

Golden Hardware Aids in the Ultimate Bathroom Transformation

Gold details can make a bathroom feel luxurious, and integrating them isn’t a complicated process, not at least when you hire us. You can switch out your current handles, pulls, and faucets for a gilded update. 

Every Bathroom Transformation Should Have the Proper Shelving

When you use shelving in a bathroom, you don’t have to use it to store or organize personal items. You can use bathroom shelving to decorate your bathroom into a home spa, or you can do both! You can use two tiers of shelving where the first tier could house baskets, soaps, and hand towels. The second tier could be solely decorative and use accents such as bamboo or an indoor house plant to bring your bathroom to life. 

Utilize Nature

Natural elements aids in a calming effect. Plants make a room feel more inviting. Consider adding low-maintenance plants to your bathroom. Succulents and air plants aren’t complicated to take care of, yet they add a lot of style to any bathroom!

Add Rugs

Rugs are a practical yet beautiful addition to any room for many reasons, especially the bathroom. Carpeting of any sort helps protect your floors, but it also helps to warm up an environment. Rugs come in so many styles and designs, and we’re sure that you can find one that’s spa-like. 

Add Artwork to Your Bathroom

When you add some artwork to any place in your home, it makes the area more dynamic. Go for a large print or a gallery wall to add visual interest while making your space feel more welcoming and cohesive. 

Incorporate Candles

Candles are a simplistic yet striking way to enhance your home’s ambiance, make it appear more spa-like, and send great scents flowing into the air. Heighten your senses with candles and de-stress after a long day. 

Are you ready to say “yes” to a spa-like bathroom transformation? Reach out to About Kitchens and Baths today! 


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