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3 Stunning Ideas for Your Home Office Remodel

about kitchens and baths home office remodel

Consider these three ideas for your home office remodel.

Now that working remotely is here to stay, it’s time to start considering some fresh ideas for your home office remodel. Gone are the days when your home office has to feature drop-down ceilings, dark working environments, and uncomfortable furniture that just doesn’t encourage productivity. When you decide to make an investment in a home office remodel, you can curate a working environment that inspires you to get creative, produce your best work, and ensure the ultimate work-from-home environment. If you’re looking for a few stunning ideas for your home office remodel, About Kitchens and Baths has developed this guide for inspiration. 

Incorporate Custom Shelving with Built-in Seating for Your Home Office Remodel

About Kitchens and Baths can completely design custom shelving with built-in seating features for your home office remodel. That means that you get plenty of storage, and even a place to sit, too! While most custom shelving is used for storing books and knick knacks, you can turn your custom shelving into a functional space by adding in built-in seating. You can use your built-in seating area as a small lounge to get grounded, refocused, and get back to work when you’re ready.

Opt for a Cool Color Palette

Bland and boring isn’t the vibe. For 2022, we’re into stunning color palettes that feature cool, earthy shades. We’re ditching the beige and opting for home office remodels with cool navy blues, mossy greens, and creamy greys that can make a work space feel COOL. When you choose to opt for a cool color palette in your home office remodel, you can work with color psychology on your side to encourage creativity while remaining calm under pressure. 

Consider Adding an Entertainment Center for Downtime

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That’s why you should consider adding an entertainment center into your home office remodel for your downtime! While it may seem like an outlandish idea, it’s actually in line with new mindsets in 2022 that encourage a work-life balance. You can watch some TV in your home office, lounge on your couch, and feel free to move your laptop to your entertainment center at your own leisure. The end result? You have a stunning home office that can also be used as an entertainment area when you’re finished working!


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