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Home Remodeling Ideas for the New Year: Everything About Cabinetry

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Find the perfect cabinetry for your kitchen remodel without breaking the bank.

If you’re considering finally taking the leap to get your favorite rooms in your house remodeled, you might be looking for a few ideas. While Pinterest can certainly get the wheels turning, it’s not exactly an innovative place to find design inspiration. About Kitchens and Baths can provide you with a few of our favorite home remodeling ideas for the new year. From breakfast bars to custom cabinetry, we think that there’s a little something for everyone that they can incorporate into their home. 

Home Remodeling: Show Your Kitchen Love With a Breakfast Bar

Ah, the breakfast bar. The breakfast bar is making a comeback after many people are choosing to repurpose their kitchen islands. While a kitchen island can often feel like it’s bulky and in-the-way, a kitchen remodel can easily repurpose your kitchen island into a quaint breakfast bar for your family. Think of your breakfast bar as being the perfect place to lay out some bacon, juice, and fresh fruit for grabbing. You can even spruce up your breakfast bar with some pendant lights! 

Add Some Custom Cabinetry Surrounding Your Fridge

Homeowners are selecting custom cabinetry that surrounds their fridge as an additional makeshift pantry. While one walk-in pantry is great, two pantries is even better. Find the perfect cabinetry for your kitchen remodel without breaking the bank. You can custom design your cabinetry to seamlessly surround your fridge in it’s entirety for a clean aesthetic. This expanded storage can even have innovative design features, like slide out shelving and other unique options to make storage fun!

Open Your Space With Open Shelving

While there isn’t anything new about open shelving, it is certainly a great choice for homeowners who want to eliminate bulky cabinets to save some space. Open shelving places ALL of your glassware and items on display, so it’s a good choice for individuals who have great glassware collections that are looking for a luxe design. Open shelving is especially beneficial for individuals who want to have everything they need in arm’s reach. Are you interested in receiving professional design and remodeling services from About Kitchens and Baths? Contact us today!


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