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A Barrier-Free Shower: Why You Should Consider One for Your Bathroom Remodel

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Are you looking to add sophistication to your bathroom remodel? Check out all the reasons why a barrier-free shower is great for you.

One of the growing trends in bathroom design is the turn to a more open design. Bathrooms, and master bathrooms, in particular, are expected to not just offer a lot of function, but also look great too. They are meant to be the place where the homeowner can feel like royalty and pamper themselves. With this context, the growing popularity of barrier-free showers is not hard to understand. But should you consider one for your bathroom remodeling project? Yes – a barrier-free shower is a great way to add sophistication and accessibility to your bathroom. Here are more reasons why you should go with one.

Increases Your Overall Design Options

The seamless surface created with a barrier-free shower looks incredible, and the best part is that it can actually add to your design options for the bathroom as a whole. The typical shower floor needs to be sloped such that water can flow towards the drain. This creates specific requirements for the design of the shower and the bathroom – you need to go with small tile as it’s the only option for the shower floor of a traditional shower. With a barrier-free shower, because it uses a linear drain, you have a ton more options for the tiling of the floor. This gives you the added benefit of getting your bathroom closer to the design of a luxury spa than any other shower type!

Add to the Functionality of the Bathroom

Barrier-free showers are especially good options for those planning to age in place in their home or need accessibility in their bathrooms now. Combined with other accessibility options such as handrails and design considerations, you can create a comfortable environment for anyone needing these options in their everyday lives. Better yet, these upgrades can make the difference later down the line if you decide you need to sell as older buyers will place a high value on these design decisions.


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