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A Design Guide on Choosing Accent Walls

Accents Walls Design Guide About Kitchens and Baths

Accent walls will always be a staple in the design industry

It’s the little things that can add polish and pizazz to a home, and accent walls are one of them. Accent walls will always be a staple in the design industry. Accent walls are so trendy and popular because of their design flexibility. You can choose many colors, textures, and materials to accent the walls in your home. Even the location that you choose makes a difference in your design scheme. You’re unique as well as your home, so it makes sense to choose an accent wall or two or three that speak to your personalized style. Here is a design guide on choosing accent walls.

The Do’s of Choosing Accent Walls 

  1. Do be open to choosing more than simple wall paint. If you want an accent wall that’s outside of the norm and stands out, you have to think about how to play with color creatively. Stripes, specialty paint finishes, and metallics all make powerful statements. But, if you’re a homeowner that prefers a more classic approach, there is nothing wrong with traditional design schemes. 
  2. Do choose an accent wall even if your room is neutral. Whether your space is vibrant or neutral, accents walls work in either case. Some people stray away from the idea of an accent wall because they assume that it has to come in eccentric colors, but a dark brown wall is enough to play up the dynamics and drama of a room. 
  3. Do consider your other walls’ colors. Most accent walls work well when they adjoin other walls that have a light to medium shade. Otherwise, the pairing could look quite stark. It’s hard to choose an accent wall for an all-white room. The rule of thumb to soften the room up is to ensure that your other adjoining walls come in neutrals such as gray or beige or any muted tone that pairs well with your accent wall color. 

The Dont’s Of Choosing Accent Walls

  1. Don’t be afraid to pick a vibrant color. The rule of thumb here is to ensure your surrounding walls complement your accent wall. If that’s the case, you can choose any color you’d like.
  2. Don’t forget that you have other options besides plain paint. Stone or tile could work as an accent wall, or you can consider a photo wall. You can even use shelving as an accent wall. There are so many options!
  3. Don’t count out wallpaper. Wallpaper is an excellent alternative because you don’t have to worry about long-term commitment if you’re a person that likes to switch things up often. Wallpaper can get a bad rep in the design industry, but chic options do exist! 

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