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The Best Kitchen Faucet Designs to Consider

about kitchens kitchen faucet designs

Explore popular kitchen faucet designs, including ones with a pullout feature.

When designing your kitchen, you have to consider every detail. When choosing functional items like kitchen faucets, you must consider how they look with the rest of your new kitchen and how the faucet will function as you want it to. In the modern kitchen design realm, there are numerous kitchen faucet designs to consider. These options provide a range of functionality and style options so you can find precisely what you want. Before you remodel your home kitchen with About Kitchens & Baths, take a look at the different faucets you may prefer. 

Single Handle 

A single-handle faucet is more about functionality and easy installation than anything else. Only one hole is used in the sink or countertop to accommodate the entire fixture. The faucet has an arching spout and a control handle. Although it seems simple, numerous variations on this design are available, such as a pull-down head, aerator, or water filtration. 

Pullout Faucet

Pullout faucets focus on the functionality of the spout. These kitchen faucet designs feature spouts that can be detached from the main stem and used to freely twist and bend so you can reach all corners of the sink. The flexible hose can often range as far as two feet or more, so you have lots of range of movement available. 

Two Handle

Two-handle or bridge faucets have separate handles for hot and cold water on either side of the spout. The water temperatures mix in the spout, although you can choose to only let out cold or hot water. This faucet design can also accommodate extra features depending on the design. 

Pre-Rinse Faucet

Pre-rinse kitchen faucet designs are similar to a pullout but with a more limited range. It has a detachable head that moves directly down from the spout or hose. These faucet styles tend to have a high arch or gooseneck, with a spout to accommodate the extension of the head. This can lead to eye-catching designs and allow for washing large pots with less water mess around the sink. 

Side Sprayer

The side sprayer has a flexible hose and spray feature installed alongside the classic kitchen faucet head. This is good for those who don’t want a detachable head but like the option of flexible water spray to eliminate food and mess. 

Pot Fillers

If you are designing a gourmet kitchen made for your frequent cooking sessions, consider a pot filler. These kitchen faucet designs are designed to fill large pots with hot water as efficiently as possible. They are mounted to the wall at a height where large pots can fit underneath. The higher flow rate fills the pot faster, while the faucets are often discreet and elegant.


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