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Laundry Room Designs: How to Get Creative

about kitchens and baths laundry room designs

Get creative with your laundry room designs! Consider these countertop options.

When designing your laundry room, it may feel as though your options are limited. However, that simply isn’t true. The numerous materials available for home designs mean you can create a laundry room like no other. If you want to get creative with your laundry room designs, consider the following countertop materials and configurations. About Kitchens & Baths can help you create a laundry room that offers style and convenience. 

Install a Butcher Block Countertop

Laundry room designs can use a sheet of butcher block that fits over the top of the washer and dryer. This countertop space creates a functional worktop for folding clothes or treating stains before moving them into the wash or back into the home. The location’s convenience and the countertop material’s durability make it easy to incorporate into your washing work process. 

Try Quartz Laundry Room Countertops

Consider quartz if you are looking for high-quality, durable laundry room countertops. This engineered stone material offers the beauty of natural stone like granite but is more low-maintenance and, more importantly, non-porous. Non-porous materials are essential for laundry room designs, as the counters will likely encounter moisture of some kind. 

Add a Laundry Room “Island”

Whether you have a small laundry room or one that is wide open, placing a small table or island in the center of the room can give you extra all-purpose surface area. You can use this table for folding clothes, stacking laundry, or entertaining the kids while taking care of the clothes. You can keep an eye on your children or visitors and enjoy their company while still tending to your washing and drying duties. 

Run a Counter Along the Wall

If your laundry room designs need to account for long and narrow space, consider installing countertops along the length of the room. This provides you with ample space and can be the place where you store laundry baskets, clothing, and supplies. If you’re short on space, this is much better than leaving things on the floor or sitting on top of your washing machine.

Create Laundry Bin Storage Underneath Counters

If you have enough space for a standalone laundry room countertop, consider leaving the space beneath it empty instead of adding cabinetry. This storage space can then be used to create a spot for rolling laundry carts so you can easily separate dark and light colors or other different groups of clothing. 

Incorporate Marble for Luxe Laundry Room Designs

If you want to create a laundry room design that is luxurious and high-end, consider incorporating marble countertops. The stone may be more high maintenance, but if you want a laundry room that looks like no other, consider these durable and beautiful countertops. 


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