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How To Design And Organize Your Best Laundry Room

How To Design And Organize Your Best Laundry Room about kitchen and baths

If you’re thinking about redesigning your laundry room in significant or small ways, these tips can help you optimize the space.

Laundry is probably in the top five least favorite chores for most people. Not because the chore is particularly messy, like poop-scooping the yard or cleaning the litter box, but because it is such a long, unending process. You have to wash, dry, fold, and put away the laundry. And by the time you’re done, there’s more laundry to do. By some estimates, most Americans spend as many as 12 hours every week doing laundry (and for some people, quite a bit more). In most cases, part of the reason that laundry is such a time-sink is that your laundry room could be better designed and better organized. If you’re thinking about redesigning your laundry room in significant or small ways, these tips can help you optimize the space. 

Start With The Basics

There are certain things that every laundry room should (and likely does) have: a washer, a dryer, and a sink. If your current laundry room doesn’t have all of these, the most likely to be missing is the sink. Perhaps your washer drains directly to the sewer, or there is a sink, but it is small. A good size stationary tub is an excellent addition to a laundry room. You can use it for rinsing, pre-treating, or even washing your delicates. As long as you have the space for it, adding a utility sink is an easy upgrade that will add substantial value to the laundry room. 

Add In Workspaces

Another thing that a good laundry room should have (but most don’t) is usable work surfaces. Specifically, try to incorporate work surfaces or countertops of various heights into the laundry room so that there is space to sort, pre-treat, and fold laundry. If you need to be able to sit while doing the laundry, add lower work surfaces and a chair. Being comfortable while you work will make the job easier. 

Make Sure There’s Light

One of the most dreadful parts of most laundry spaces is that it is dark – a poorly lit basement or a dark little utility closet. Make sure that you add appropriate task lighting. Even if you have pretty good general lighting in your laundry room, task lighting under cabinets and lights that you can redirect to specific areas are very useful.

Include Storage Options

Finally, storage is the best thing you can add to make the space more usable. If you have open shelves, add baskets or bins to organize things. If you have the budget for some more involved renovations, adding a cabinet with a fold-out ironing board, a hamper, or a bar for hanging clothes is a great idea.


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