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10 Different Bathroom Wall Designs

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Consider different bathroom wall designs, including wood styles.

The bathroom might not be the place that you spend the most time in your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a more attractive and relaxing place to spend time! When remodeling or redesigning your bathroom, don’t forget the walls. Here are some of our favorite bathroom wall designs that will help to beautify your space. 

Geometric Tiles

Bathroom wall tiles are available in various geometric shapes, including traditional squares, rectangles, and more exciting options like hexagons. Choosing to arrange your tile in a complex or unique design can help protect your walls while allowing you to enjoy interesting bathroom wall designs.

Painted Murals

If you want bathroom wall designs that are indeed one of a kind, consider painting a small mural on the walls. This can give you something striking to look at while you are in the bathroom and a chance to show off your creativity.

Totally Tile

Most homeowners install tile on their bathroom floors but don’t always think to do so on the walls. Some of the most unique bathroom wall designs include floor-to-ceiling tile. Using the same tile throughout your bathroom can make the space feel polished and cohesive.

Slatted Wood Walls

You might think that wood is off-limits for the bathroom, but that is not the case if you are willing to get creative with your bathroom wall designs. Choose thin slats of wood that are about 1 ½ inches wide. Stain them to protect them from moisture damage, and cut them to fit the wall. To attach them, simply use a nail gun. 


Today’s wallpaper is not your grandma’s wallpaper! There are seemingly endless styles and patterns available from top designers, and you can even use wallpaper that is removable and doesn’t require special adhesive. 

Feature Walls with Paneling

Feature walls are common in living rooms and dining rooms, but you can also place them in your bathroom. Paneling is a simple way to create a bold feature wall that can make a small bathroom feel bigger than it is. 

Black Planks

If you do not want the natural look of stained wood in your bathroom, you can also choose black wall planks. These tongue-and-groove planks are made of wood so that you can have an easy and intuitive installation process. 

Peel-and-Stick Tile

Aside from traditional ceramic tile, you can also opt for convenient peel-and-stick tile that gives you the same look as traditional tile without the mess of mortar and grout. 

Wood Paneling 

Wood paneling is another trend where old is new again. Paneling is an easy way to make your bathroom feel like you are relaxing at the beach and transport you to sunnier places during your bath. 

Vertical Wainscoting

Vertical wainscoting is a popular trend right now, and you can even paint the wainscoting for a unique look. Consider choosing a bold color that makes a statement. 


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