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Shower Upgrades: 6 Simple Ideas

about kitchens and baths shower upgrades

Consider simple shower upgrades such as installing a glass door or bench.

Considering how much time we spend in our bathrooms, they ought to inspire us. Or, at the very least, they shouldn’t feel tasteless and lifeless. Upgrading a bathroom can feel daunting, but if we limit it to shower upgrades, it can become a little easier to get your footing. Here at About Kitchens & Baths, we know plenty about shower upgrades. We’ve performed so many different kinds of shower upgrades and seen just about everything. That said, today, we want to focus on six simple ideas to help you start your shower upgrade journey.

Bring in Natural Light

Just about everybody responds well to natural light. And in our showers, where we often spend our mornings, it can be incredibly refreshing to add some natural light to that space. Installing a glass shower door instead of a shower curtain can help let more light in and give you a space that can boost your energy. You may sacrifice some privacy by using a glass door, but if that’s not a concern, this could be a good switch.

Modern Walk-In Shower

We see people install walk-in showers for many reasons. Older adults or anyone with mobility issues can get in and out of them easier, they can often be safer, and they look great. It might sound intimidating to replace your shower entirely. Still, it’s an easier process than you might imagine, as it just requires your bathroom remodeler to measure your current shower and then create a custom one to fit the space.

Add Seating

Consider adding a built-in bench or even using a removable shower seat. You’ll enjoy showers much more if you have a comfy seat. Shower liners and shower surrounds may be created in a way that incorporates seating, giving you space to sit back and relax. This is often a recommendation for older adults, but there’s no reason anyone of all ages can’t enjoy the feature.

Stylized Walls

If every inch of your shower is the same color, consider adding a splash of character. Use shower liners, which are a great way to add color to your shower walls. Work with a professional for your shower upgrades, and they can help you choose the right color or pattern for your shower.

Raised Shower Base

Elevate your bathroom remodel to new heights by considering a step-up shower. While walk-in and barrier-free showers are popular shower upgrades for many homeowners, a custom-built step-up shower takes it to another level. Raising your floor just enough to accommodate a shower base allows you to achieve a stylish and functional bathroom without upgrading your floor joists.

Install Accessories

When it comes to storage space in your home, the bathroom is an area where you can never have too much. Luckily, modern shower liners and surrounds offer a range of fantastic options to fulfill your storage needs. With built-in shelving, convenient soap caddies, and more, you’ll always have your bath products easily accessible right within your shower.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to enhance both convenience and safety by incorporating grab bars into your shower design. These additions provide support and stability and cater to the specific requirements of older members of your household. 


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