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4 Custom Kitchen Features to Consider

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Consider adding custom kitchen features like open shelves, wine storage, and unique cabinet designs.

Customizing your kitchen is incredibly exciting, as it allows you to turn the kitchen you currently have into the space you have always dreamed of. However, there are countless decisions that you will need to make throughout the process. What are four of the best custom kitchen features to consider for your property?

Choose Open Shelving

Do you want the functionality and accessibility that shelves offer over cabinets? Open shelving is an excellent alternative to traditional shelves and one of the most popular custom kitchen features. Open shelves are also a great choice for those who have accessibility challenges and would benefit from being able to grab glassware or dinnerware easily. 

The Sky’s the Limit for Storage

What do you need to store? Don’t be afraid to get creative and explore specialty storage options for the items you use and need to access. For example, if you use coffee pods in the morning, consider getting a drawer that specifically fits them. There is nothing too odd or too specific to create custom storage for as one of your custom kitchen features. 

Get Creative With Cabinets

While you might be tempted to use solid cabinet doors that are more traditional, there are plenty of custom kitchen features that involve cabinetry. Glass cabinet doors can help you display your favorite cookware and dinnerware without the worry of dust accumulation. These doors can be used in combination with other cabinet doors and layouts to create a unique and eye-catching display. You can also choose tinted and colored glass for a more unique look. 

Invest in Wine Storage

Even if you’re just a casual wine drinker, the proper wine storage can show off your stash and add some personality to your kitchen. These custom kitchen features are endlessly customizable, and you can place wine racks or storage virtually anywhere in your kitchen space. 

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