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7 Professional Bathroom Design Tips

about kitchens professional bathroom design tips

Some of the best professional bathroom design tips include adding natural light and upgrading old features.

The bathroom is the epitome of “small but mighty” – it is typically the smallest room in the house, but it is also the most universally important. Unfortunately, when a bathroom doesn’t work for you, it can quickly become a huge pain. Unsatisfactory bathrooms might lack updated fixtures, need better storage, or be too small. Sometimes this can be fixed with minor updates, or it might be time for a complete bathroom remodel. If you’re considering redesigning your bathroom, look at these seven excellent professional bathroom design tips.

Start With What You Have

In most remodels, it’s out with the old – however, if there is stuff you can keep and use, it could save you big bucks. In most cases, you’ll likely keep the bathroom’s original layout in place, so find ways to maximize the efficiency of whatever stays. 

Be A Little Daring

Small spaces that are neutral can get boring. If you’re designing the space for you, don’t be afraid to go a little wild. Add something bold or whimsical to the design to create a space you truly love. 

Update those Fixtures

Old and outdated are not the same as retro. If you’ve got fixtures in your bathroom that are older than you (or older than your no-longer-small children), the odds are good that they’re costing you money because they’re inefficient. The best professional bathroom design tips will help you improve your energy efficiency.

Let In The Light

Lighting is essential in the bathroom. You want to be able to truly see well enough to put on makeup, fix up a kid’s boo-boo, or properly clean the floor. Work with your professionals to choose the best lighting for the space. Plus, don’t forget that windows that let in natural light can also transform the feel of the bathroom and don’t have to negatively impact privacy. 

Remove The Tub If You Don’t Use It 

One of our most efficient bathroom design tips is to remove items you don’t use. That tub takes up a ton of space. If you don’t use and love it, you would be better off changing it for a stunning shower. Your budget will likely thank you as well.

Remember, It Is For You

While there are certainly some universal elements to excellent bathroom design,unless you are remodeling the bathroom to make it easier to sell the house, the bathroom design should be all about your needs. Stick to the shower if you dislike baths and will never use a tub. If you prefer full-length mirrors, splurge on a mirror wall. If tucked-away storage is your jam, make that the key focus of your design. Don’t design the room that has to work for you and your family with things that don’t work for you just because they’re trendy.

Splurge A Little

Your budget will be vital to this project, but leave a little room to splurge. One place you might consider a splurge is on a comfort element like a heated floor. Bathroom floors are an important but often overlooked part of the comfort of the room. Depending on your budget, your splurge can be small and simple, like your favorite soap or a brand-new set of towels. The important part is that it is something special to commemorate your investment in yourself and your family. 


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