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4 Tips for Building a Home Entertainment Center

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Learn how you can design a home entertainment center that provides luxury and comfort.

When you’re customizing your dream home, there are countless customizations that you can make to ensure that it’s a perfect fit for your family. If you’re a movie-lover or savor family time, building a custom home entertainment center is a great way to get the whole family together and maximize your enjoyment. Here are some of our best tips for building your entertainment center. 

Choose the Right Room

First, you’ll need to determine what room or space you’d like to use for your home entertainment center. While there are ways to black out windows and limit sound interference, it is far easier to choose a more remote part of the home that doesn’t have a lot of windows or sound from other parts of the home. Think about what you want to put in the room as well. If you want to use a projector, you’ll need more space than if you are just going to use a television. 

Add Dark Paint

Theaters are dark spaces, and that means more than just turning out the lights! Your home entertainment center room should have dark walls to help naturally darken the room. Don’t assume that your room needs to be totally black, as deep eggplant purple, charcoal, and rich burgundy can all be great options.  

Think About the Screen

Thanks to the many technology options available today to stream or play your favorite movies and shows, the type of screen best for you should be a key consideration when designing your home entertainment center. One factor is how much space there will be between the screen and your couch or chairs. If you have a large screen or projector, you want to sit at least a few feet away. Sitting too close can lead to eye strain and prevent you from being able to take in the entire screen. 

Get Comfy With Seating

During your remodeling project or home design process, you will also need to choose the correct seating for your home entertainment center. If you like kicking back alone to enjoy a movie at the end of the day, ensure you have a comfy recliner or armchair. If you want a more traditional theater experience, you can even have rows of seats installed with cup holders! We can help walk you through all of your fun options to make your entertainment area your own. 

Create the Right Home Entertainment Center for You

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