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The Best Places to Install Recessed Lighting in Your Home

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Recessed lighting can provide subtle, but efficient lighting in your kitchen and elsewhere.

Contrary to some opinions, recessed lighting will never go out of style. Recessed lighting has been popular for decades because it’s sleek and hidden, and you can place recessed lights in many places to enhance a room’s ambiance. Where should you install recessed lighting in your home? We’re glad you asked. Here are the best locations. 

Recessed Kitchen Lighting

Recessed kitchen lighting is excellent because you can wash your entire kitchen with subtle, clean lighting. Wall washing gives the room a soft, diffused glow. You’ll love this idea if you don’t like bright, focused lights. However, remember that you can always mix and match lighting options if you need concentrated lighting for cooking and cleaning. LED strips are an option. Under-cabinet task lighting is also an option. 

Recessed Lighting in the Dining Room

It creates a beautiful environment when you install recessed lighting in the dining room. Moreover, LED lights now have dimming features and various color choices. Use warm, lower-level lighting if you want your dining room to seem inviting and cozy with a comfortable glow. 

Living Room Recessed Lighting

You can install recessed lighting in the living room to create a lovely, warm glow as you could in the dining room. Installing recessed lights in the living room also accentuates artwork with the proper placement. We recommend placing the recessed lights two to three feet away from the wall to achieve the best effect. 

Recessed Closet and Hallway Lights 

Adding recessed lights to the hallways and closets can make your home safer. It’s also a good idea to place this type of lighting in these areas because it won’t interfere with smoke detectors. 

The Bathroom 

Remember that you can experiment with different lighting types to fit your needs. If your bathroom ceiling suits recessed lights, you could make a stylish statement in this room. The low glow of recessed lights will create a tranquil environment when you want to bathe and soak in the tub. However, when putting on makeup, dying your hair, or trying on clothes in the bathroom, consider using a vanity mirror with cool and bright LED lights to ensure you can see every detail. 

The Bedroom

You would be 100% correct if you guessed that recessed bedroom lights would give this space a warm and cozy vibe. This lighting type is also helpful for creating a reading nook or area around your bed. Remember that recessed lights are sleek and modern. Thus, the two choices won’t pair well if your bedroom has a vintage or cottage style. 

Recessed Lighting Mistakes to Avoid 

Here are three avoidable mistakes when choosing to install recessed lights in your home: 

  • Refrain from lining up the lights like stage lights. Space them apart from each other for a stylish effect. 
  • Don’t forget to highlight features such as drapery or artwork. Place the light canister at least one foot away from the item you want to highlight. On the contrary, if the object is three-dimensional, use at least two lights to highlight it from different angles. 
  • Always hire a professional. Installing and wiring lights should never be a DIY project because of its complexity and potential for costly mistakes. You can trust our remodeling experts at About Kitchens and Baths to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. 


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