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6 Ways To Design A Kitchen Pantry

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Design a kitchen pantry ideal for your home. Consider which of these styles is best for you!

In most homes, the storage provided by the kitchen pantry is some of the most important real estate in the kitchen. Most homeowners agree that their pantry is fundamentally important to the work they do in the kitchen, and many feel that their pantry could be better (possibly by being bigger). If you are thinking about how to design a kitchen pantry and preparing to add a new one or improve the one you have, you should start by familiarizing yourself with the six main pantry designs. Once you know what pantry style you want (and can fit in your space), you can start planning the fun parts, like the types of bins and shelving, the integrated outlets and recessed lighting, and the stylistic touches. Let’s explore the six most common styles of pantry now. 

Freestanding Pantry

If you have enough floor space, consider a freestanding pantry, often upcycled from an old cabinet. You can design a kitchen pantry of this style to add space into an open kitchen without doing any heavy renovations. 

Pantry Cabinets That Slide Out

In many homes, the kitchen cabinets provide the space for the pantry. Two popular cabinet styles get used for pantry spaces. The slide-out is the more modern of the two. Slide-outs can be installed below the countertop, or they can be the full height of your cabinetry. Slide-outs gained popularity as a fix for previously unusable space because they often come in as narrow as three inches. They are a great way to upgrade an awkward area since they typically slide all the way out and are open on both sides to allow access to the items. Larger cabinets can be upgraded with roll-out trays to achieve the same accessibility but with more space. 

Pantry Cabinets With Batwing Doors

Upper pantry cabinets can become great when you install “batwing” doors, which are door upgrades that make the inner surface of the door a usable storage area with shallow shelving. The inner shelves of this style of cabinet are less deep than the cabinet, so there is room for the doors to close.

Pantry Shelves (Open)

Wall-to-wall pantry shelves are an impactful addition to any kitchen, and a completely open pantry makes it easy to see what you have and need. However, in order to stay beautiful, it needs to stay organized. Use jars, bins, and baskets to design a kitchen pantry that keeps items organized and looking neat. 

Pantry Shelves With Doors

If organization is not your strong suit, put some barn doors over those open shelves so you can close the mess from view when needed. Barn doors are ideal because they use less space than other styles of doors (that swing).

Tucked-Away Pantry

If you have “dead space,” like an area under the stairs, it can be converted into a cute and very usable kitchen pantry. While this requires some renovations, adding a pantry is not as expensive or difficult as a complete remodel.


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