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6 Components of a Spa Bathroom Installation

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A spa bathroom installation involves neutral colors, natural elements, and luxurious showers and baths.

Many homeowners like the idea of creating a spa-like bathroom, so they have their own oasis. Fortunately, modern bathroom design means that luxurious materials and appliances are more available than ever. You have numerous options to explore when preparing for your spa bathroom installation with About Kitchens & More. The following components are a great place to start when designing your home spa

Add Natural Materials

Natural stone tile for flooring and shower surrounds will offer a beautiful foundation for your spa bathroom. Adding organic river rocks to the shower floor can also add a unique aesthetic focal point.

Stone countertops in marble, granite and engineered quartz can help you enhance the spa-like vibe while elevating the sense of luxury. Once the basics are covered, don’t forget to include details like wood, bamboo, or teak shelving and accessories. Add houseplants for extra color, texture, and depth. 

Use a Soothing Color Palette

Color is essential in establishing the atmosphere of any room. Warm neutrals like creams and beiges are ideal for a spa, though bright white can also work well. You can swap out colorful elements like rugs and shower curtains as your preferences change while the floors and walls stay neutral.

Heated Design Elements

Radiant flooring is one popular spa bathroom installation, as it heats your bathroom floors, so you never have to step on the cold tile. You may also install a heated towel rack. This dries your towels faster and ensures that the towel you grab after your shower or bath is as comforting as possible. 

Upgrade Appliances and Fixtures

A spa bathroom installation requires you to pay attention to detail. This begins with taking items like your appliances and fixtures and upgrading them. For example, replace that old standard tub with a soaker or jacuzzi tub. If you have a standard toilet, elevate it by adding a heated seat or bidet attachment. 

For your fixtures, you may upgrade to a rainfall or massaging shower head and touchless faucets. Or, you may install wall-mounted massaging body jets in your shower. There are numerous shower designs available to suit your preferences. 

Upscale Storage Solutions

When designing a spa bathroom, you will want to first consider hidden storage solutions, which can contain items like hair dryers and toiletries that can create clutter.

You may also choose to use open shelving for select items. This can allow you to display your plush luxury linens and make them accessible. You may also utilize clear jars and beautiful dishes to hold things like luxury soaps, bath salts, bath bombs, loofahs, bath sponges, and other accessories that make bathtime luxurious

Consider Lighting 

You must consider all the senses to create an immersive, spa-like experience. Add mood lighting with dimmer switches, and consider installing a Bluetooth speaker system that lets you pipe in relaxing music. 

Finally, add aromatic shower diffusers or candles to create a relaxing environment. Lavender or vanilla can help you calm down in the evening, while invigorating citrus can perk you up in the morning. 


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