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Try These 6 Luxury Bathroom Renovations

about kitchens and baths luxury bathroom renovations

Luxury bathroom renovations like multi-head showers and natural light can help you create an enjoyable new space.

Every remodeling project packs a punch, but updates to your bathroom can especially increase your comfort. Installing a new luxury bathroom can enhance the entire atmosphere of your bathroom and provide you with valuable comfort throughout your day. When you install some or all of the following luxury bathroom renovations with About Kitchens & More, you can expect to enjoy your home even more than you already do. If you are looking for appealing renovation ideas, these are some of the most impactful and widely loved luxury bathroom updates. 

Increase Your Square Footage

For some homes, adding space is the first step in creating a more luxurious bathroom. Sometimes even just a few extra feet can make a significant difference and allow you to add that shower or bathtub you’ve been dreaming about. A luxury bathroom should always feel spacious. If you cannot add more space, you can talk with your contractor to determine how to change your layout to create more space. 

Upgrade Your Storage Solutions

Luxury bathroom renovations are also focused on providing you with everything you need in your bathroom. For instance, many items are stored in your bathroom, but you don’t want them to take up counter space and create a mess. You can get creative with your storage solutions and consider installing shelves, cabinets, drawers, hooks, rods, and carefully concealed medicine cabinets. 

Include Plenty of Light

Both natural and artificial light should play a role in your bathroom remodel. Why not add more windows, or cut in a skylight? Add task lighting and dimmer switches to allow for control over light levels. Lighting is essential, so take your time to realize which lighting installations work best for your needs. 

High-End Plumbing and Water Fixtures

The key luxury bathroom renovations are the plumbing and water fixtures. Selecting the best showers and bathtubs for your bathroom will help you create the luxurious experience you desire. There are many different options on the market now, so that you can get creative with your selection of shower heads or toilet features. For instance, you can install a programmable shower or rain head fixture. Or, you may install a soaker tub, jacuzzi, or toilet with a seat-warming function. 

Consider Custom Bathroom Features

A luxury bathroom remodel will make the most of custom details. Consider building custom cabinets, using natural stone or tile, and adding atmospheric textural elements. Filling your room with hand-picked items will help you create a bathroom that is unique to your home. 

Focus on Fine Details and Finishes

The fine details are what separates regular bathroom remodels from luxurious ones. Consider which material and finishes you want for your faucets and fixtures. Perhaps you want to add unique drawer pulls or custom wallpaper? Adding features like a double vanity, towel warmers, or wall-mounted electronics can also make a huge difference. 

No matter which luxury bathroom renovations you pursue, you can trust the experienced team at About Kitchens & More to help you create a satisfying design. 


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