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How to Make a Big Impact with a Small Bathroom

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How can you create a beautiful, luxurious space even in a small bathroom? Follow these tips!

If you have a bathroom on the smaller side, you may think that a remodel is not worth investing in. On the contrary, you can do plenty to make a significant impact with a small bathroom. By selecting the best materials and designing innovative storage and wet area options, you can create a room that is as convenient and luxurious as you want. When you work with the experienced team at About Kitchens and More, we will guide you through the process and help you navigate the best way to design your best small bathroom remodel. 

Let in the Light

Nothing makes a room feel more cramped than darkness. This is why a bright, well-lit area will always appear bigger. You can create the illusion of more space in a small bathroom by selecting light materials in shades like eggshell, cream, and optic white. Consider lightening all possible surfaces, from the floors to your vanity. The bathroom will not only appear cleaner and fresher but appear bigger too. If you still want color, you can choose areas where to place selective pops of bold color – such as with your towels or hardware. 

Consider Your Light Fixtures

At the same time you choose light-colored materials, bring in as much natural and artificial light as you can. A skylight, if possible, can bring warmth and natural light to the entire room. Adding recessed lights, undermount cabinet lights, and wall sconces can also light up your small bathroom without taking up much space. 

Think Small

When selecting everything from your sink to cabinets, remember you are dealing with a smaller area. You may not be able to add large-scale furnishings to the bathroom, but you can instead focus on selecting high-quality materials for the smaller details. 

Make sure your sink and countertop don’t extend too far into the middle of the room, as it can take up too much valuable space. Consider installing wall-mounted or pedestal sinks if a bigger unit won’t work. 

Go Up, Not Out

Vertical space can provide you with more options in a small bathroom than horizontal space. For instance, you may want to add more shelving moving up along the wall. This streamlines your storage space and draws the eye upward to give the illusion of a larger room. 

Be Selective with Flair

Just because you’re working with a smaller space doesn’t mean you need to leave out your personal flair! Focus on one or two elements to which you can add your style and charm. Consider a unique tile backsplash or luxury vinyl floor planks that mimic the look of hardwood. 

There are countless options out there for your bathroom design, and About Kitchens and More will help you find the best choices for your renovation.


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