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The Benefits of an Open-Concept Kitchen Design

about kitchens open concept kitchen design

An open-concept kitchen design increases the flow between multiple rooms.

Open-concept kitchens have been a fairly popular design choice for over 30 years and are often the first choice for many homeowners. An open-concept kitchen has few to no interior walls and flows naturally into nearby living spaces. Typically, people design a kitchen-dining room-living room area where each room flows into the next. Separation comes from furniture groupings and possibly changes in the flooring material. Why do people prefer this type of kitchen design? There are a few key benefits, including increased flow, light, functionality, and sociability. Contact us at About Kitchens & More if you’re ready to design a new open-concept kitchen for your home. 

An Open-Concept Kitchen is More Social 

A primary reason many people choose open-concept designs is that it allows them to be more social. When you have an open floor plan, you can cook and clean up in your kitchen but still be able to chat with friends or family in the next room freely. If you have young children, you can make their meals while keeping an eye on what they’re doing in the living room. 

Create a Better Flow

The “flow” of your home is vital to how you feel when inside your home. Whether you plan to host many dinner guests or you host your family for long weekends, creating a home design with a good flow makes it easier to entertain. 

An open-concept flow means you can easily move from the dining room after dinner to enjoy dessert on the patio or in the living room. Your guests can easily move from one room to the next while staying social and comfortable.

It’s Lighter and Brighter

An open-concept kitchen design takes advantage of the natural light entering your home to ensure that your kitchen is always bright and airy. Walls block light from traveling from room to room, so when you have no walls separating your kitchen and dining room, the windows in your kitchen can let light in that illuminates the entire space. 

Extra Functional Space

An open-concept kitchen design makes your kitchen more versatile overall. It’s no longer a room just for cooking but can also become part of your entertainment space. Your kids can now sit at the counter and do homework while you cook, and your spouse can be in the living room, yet you all feel like you are spending time together. 

With an open floor plan, any guests you’re hosting can move back and forth between rooms without ever feeling like they are leaving the party or missing out. The best advantage is that your home won’t feel cramped or limited in space whenever you want to invite over all your friends and family. 

If you’re ready to enjoy this freedom of movement throughout your home, start planning your new open-concept kitchen with About Kitchens & More.


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