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7 Luxurious Features for Your Spa Bathroom

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Design a spa bathroom by including elements like a rain showerhead and a soaking tub.

If you want a spa day, you no longer have to leave your house and pay high prices to enjoy the luxury and comfort of spa amenities. In fact, it’s becoming easier every day to design and install a spa bathroom in your home, so you always have access to this kind of comfort. Before you install your spa bathroom, you should consider which luxurious features you want to include. Consider the following must-haves, and then consult with your designer at About Kitchens & More to determine the best products and materials for your new bathroom. 

Walk-In Showers

A walk-in shower with body jets and rain showerheads can provide significant luxury. You will use your new shower daily, and a walk-in shower is accessible for those with limited mobility. 

Programmable Thermostats

Installing a programmable thermostat can give your water temperature an instant adjustment to create the perfect shower temperature. Eco-minded homeowners will also relish that high-end showers offer reduced water flow so you can maintain environmentally-friendly water usage. 

Dual Showerheads

You can create a spa bathroom for couples by installing features like a dual showerhead. Walk-in showers have plenty of space for two, and when you install two showerheads, you won’t have to share the single shower head. You can also add shower seats for extra luxury, comfort, and future accessibility. 

Soaking Tubs and Jacuzzis

Sometimes there is nothing more comforting than a long soak in a hot bath. You can increase the luxury of bathtime by installing new tub features like built-in vibrational acoustics, which can vibrate the water to the beat of your favorite music! Jet tubs offer you several types of bubbles, from light and fizzy “champagne” bubbles to high-powered jets. 

Heated Floors and Towel Racks

Say goodbye to cold feet on cold bathroom floors with a heated floor installation. This high-end feature of your spa bathroom creates a warm and cozy atmosphere and can even reduce your energy costs over time with no forced air furnace needed. These floors can make your spa supremely comfortable, no matter the season. 

Heated towel racks also offer luxury by warming your towels and helping them keep that “fresh out of the dryer” feeling. 

Steam Showers

If you want to recreate the spa steam room at home, you can! Installing a steam shower gives you your own personal steam room and only requires about two gallons of water to create the steam you need. 

Mood Lighting and Music

A crucial part of the spa experience is the atmosphere, often created with soothing lighting and music. Install a variety of light fixtures to provide a range of lighting options and dimmer switches to ensure you can set the lighting just right. Installing speakers throughout your spa bathroom can also enable you to create a soothing space that blocks out outside noise. 


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