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5 Tips for Designing a Bathroom That Lets You Age in Place

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A bathroom that lets you age in place may include updated hardware, grab bars, and non-slip features.

Most homeowners want to remain in their homes, even as they grow older. However, sometimes remodels are necessary to accommodate the mobility needs of older adults. The bathroom is the most significant room in which remodels can make or break your comfort. If you are planning to age in place in your current home, now is an excellent time to consider what changes you can make to ensure that accessibility and comfort are never an issue in your home. The following tips can help you design a bathroom with About Kitchens & More that allows you to comfortably age in place. 

Increase Mobility Support 

As we age, our muscles weaken, and our range of mobility becomes limited. To avoid slips and falls and the resulting injuries, adding mobility support throughout your bathroom is essential. You can do this by adding grab bars in your shower and along the main wall of your bathroom. These bars can double as towel racks, so they hardly stick out in your design but provide the extra security you need. You may also add:

  • Comfort-Height Toilet Seats: Raises the height of your toilet seat, so it’s easier to sit down and stand up from that level.
  • Non-Slip Flooring: For your bathroom, tub, and shower to avoid losing balance.
  • Bath Benches: If raising your leg is challenging when stepping into a bath or shower, bath benches provide stability. They give you a place to rest and avoid slipping. 

Install Brighter Lighting

Extra bathroom lighting can brighten dark corners and highlight any potential tripping hazards. Your bathroom should include:

  • Overhead lighting
  • Vanity Lighting
  • A light over the bath or shower

If you are living in a multi-generational household, installing dimmer switches can help adjust for the different lighting needs of your family. 

Upgrade Handles and Hardware

Upgrading hardware can help you age in place as well. Lever handles, for instance, are easier for older individuals to use than twist handles or knobs. People with arthritis or limited dexterity find it much easier to grip and move levers. Consider updating the hardware in the following areas:

  • Bathroom door handle
  • Shower or bath faucet handles
  • Sink faucet handles
  • Vanity drawers

Widen Bathroom Doorways

Doorways should be at least 32 inches wide to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs. We always recommend hiring an expert for this kind of update. 

Convert to a Walk-In Bathtub

Modern walk-in bathtubs offer users comfort and safety without sacrificing style. You can easily design an accessible bathroom that matches your preferred design. You can also install walk-in tubs with heating pads, jets, quick-flow drains, and grab bars for maximum support and comfort. 

When you install these numerous bathroom upgrades, you can guarantee that aging in place is easier than ever and that your bathroom will provide the safety and comfort you need.


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