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Designing a Bathroom for Two

about kitchens designing a bathroom for two

Designing a bathroom for two means adding storage and vanity space for both individuals.

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. This means you can design your bathroom to suit your lifestyle best, as well as your daily schedules and grooming needs. If your primary bathroom is large enough to accommodate two people at once, this can be a highly convenient addition to your home. When designing a bathroom for two, there are several factors to consider to create a space that works equally well for both people who may need to use it at once. If you’re interested in designing a bathroom for two, reach out to About Kitchens and More to explore your options and determine your design by considering the following. 

Bathroom Storage Space

Building a bathroom with enough storage space is essential. You should include enough storage to keep all toiletries and electronics or appliances out of sight without tangling wires or creating a mess that gets out of control. 

You may also consider installing a linen tower so people who use the bathroom can store their towels separately and access fresh towels when desired. 

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting should always be set up so that it is even and bright, no matter where you stand in front of your vanity. When designing a bathroom for two, excellent lighting is even more important. You don’t want one person to use up all available light, leaving the other in shadow. One of the ways you can ensure excellent vanity lighting is by installing mirror lights above two separate mirrors at your double vanity. This can provide each person with the visibility they need. 

Double Sinks

A double-sink vanity is a practical feature essential for any bathroom serving two people. When you don’t have to battle others for the use of the sink, your morning routine becomes infinitely easier, and your relationships may even improve! 

There should be a maximum of 30 inches between the centers of the two basins. This can enable you to tie the two sinks together with a single waste line. If the vanity contains a stack of full-length drawers between the basins, you will likely need separate traps and drains.

A Private Toilet

When designing a bathroom for two, you will want to consider some privacy features. Sequestering your toilet can provide people with convenient privacy. A way to do this is by constructing a half wall or glass block wall that can prevent the visibility of the toilet without making the bathroom feel too cramped or confined. 

Shower Options for Two People

There are countless shower designs you can choose from for your bathroom. If you have the space available, you may consider installing a larger shower with multiple shower heads so two people can shower at once. You can even add a bench to your tile and create a relaxing, steam-room-style environment. 

There are many ways to design a bathroom for two, so it’s best to work with an experienced designer to determine what works for your needs and home. At About Kitchens and More, we can help you find the design that suits your lifestyle perfectly. 


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