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6 Styles of Bathroom Vanities For Your Next Remodel

about kitchens styles of bathroom vanities

Explore different styles of bathroom vanities, including the floating vanity, to find what’s best for your home.

Your bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that always offers a return on investment, even when basic improvements are made. Even if you aren’t worried about ROI, updating elements of your bathroom can significantly improve that room’s comfort and convenience. One of the best ways to update your bathroom without changing everything is to change the vanity. There are many styles of bathroom vanities you can consider, including the six most popular styles below. Consider these options with your About Kitchens & More designer to find the best vanity for your bathroom design. 

Free-Standing Bathroom Vanities

The free-standing vanity stands apart from the wall and the room, like a dresser or cupboard. It is similar to a pedestal sink but comes with under-sink storage and the ability to hide the plumbing. The sink is built into the surface and is often a very sturdy piece of cabinetry. 

Pedestal Sink Vanities

The simplest of the bathroom vanities, this option features only the sink on a pedestal. It is often the selection for people with limited bathroom space or who want a minimalist design. It can be a very efficient and stylish choice but is not ideal for those who want lots of counter space or storage. 

Vessel Sink Vanities

This innovation pairs a free-standing vessel sink with a more traditional vanity design. This bathroom vanity has a unique visual appeal and storage options but can take up more room and have a higher price point. Vessel sink vanities are often used in commercial spaces like hotels or restaurants because of their modern style. The range of vessel bowls you can choose from means you have many different options. 

Wall Mount or Floating Vanities

The wall mount sink is affixed to a bathroom wall and is one of the most classic bathroom vanities. It is a common choice if you have a limited budget or space, and it requires reinforcements in your wall. 

Corner Bathroom Vanities

This style is one vanity that is designed to meet unique design needs. The corner vanity is most popular for half-bath or washroom spaces. For instance, if your bathroom only has enough room for a toilet and sink, a corner vanity can help you take advantage of your space. These vanities may be small, but they can do a lot to add style to any space and provide you with more convenient storage. 

Narrow Depth Vanities

Standard vanity depths are from 21″ to 24,” but sometimes, the walking space in a bathroom cannot accommodate the spatial needs of a vanity. When you need a wider walkway in your bathroom or a narrow doorway limits how deep your cabinetry can be, the narrow depth vanity can help. It is typically less than 21″ from the wall and may need a unique sink and taps to meet the room’s needs. However, this option can greatly benefit those with design constraints. 


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